What Steps can I Take toward Wellness Today? Edgar Cayce Basic Tips to Nourish Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

What do we Need to include in our Daily Living in favor of Improving and Preserving a Good Balance and Wellness? 

Edgar Cayce Suggests us to Nourish Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit:

“So much Time each Day! I will Give some of it to the Improvement of my Mental Concepts and of my Relationship with the Creative Forces”

“So much Time each Day! I will Give it also to Physical Relaxation and Exertion for Expression, for the Activities to Produce the proper Coordinant Relationships between the Mind and the Body.”

“So much Time each Day! I will Give it also to Putting into Practice that which is Perceived and Conceived, coming from my Relationships with the  Creative Forces.”

Cayce Suggested to Take Time each Day to Build a Strong Positive Mindset, Making Conscious Choices and Listening to our Spirit and our Superconscious Guidance. 

Of Course, we also Need to use our Personal Will, Rational Thinking and Determination but always According to our most Positive Intentions in order to Keep the Contact with our Highest Guidance and keeping us Directed on the Way of the most Positive, Healthy and Positive Accomplishments.

Cayce Believed in some Practical Tips that form the Acronym “CARE” as Basic Healthy Rules to Practice in order to Develop Balanced Psychic Skills (the Ability To Communicate with the Highest Dimensions of Consciousness) and to Be able to Listen to our Superconscious, Inner Guidance and Spirits Guide:

Circulation of Blood and Lymph, stimulated by Exercises and Massages

Assimilation of Good Food, Water and Air 

Relaxation Through Sleep, Meditation and Recreation

Elimination of Mental and Physical Toxins

Author: Cristina Capucci

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