What is Metaphysical Knowledge?

The first millenary origins of the Metaphysical knowledge come from “spiritual advanced” beings such as Buddha and eastern philosophers/gurus/yogis and from greek philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle until the roman Stoicism and then the Transcendental Idealism of Kant. In the past these Knowledges were primarily transmitted just from manster to disciple as during the early Buddhism in India.

Nowadays the term Metaphysic is often misunderstood, generalized of based on a hearsay information with the risk to generate misunderstandings and an approximative and superficial mindsets based on a spasmodic research of “Supernatural” rather then a proper knowledge of the Being.

The three basic sources through which to develop an effective Metaphysical knowledge are supposed that they are:

1) Knowledges about the Being, for example the Knowledge divulged by Buddhism, Yogi Masters of India and through the Practice of Meditation.

Throughout these sources is possible consciously to handle and to develop the inner forces and strengths, the personal energies known from eastern spiritual traditions (and related metaphysical studies) as chakras energies which govern and direct body, mind, emotions, will, thoughts, self awareness and integrity in every action: the ontological forces which lie in every individual.

2) Philosophical, Scientific (such as just a base of anatomy) and Artistic western culture as strong base for a proper contemplation ability and personal knowledge/researches about the inner and outer worlds how the two “realities” interact.

3) Modern Channels/Medium who have access to invisible dimensions, Spiritual Guides of invisible dimensions of our world and to advanced beings of highest dimensions of our and other worlds (such as extraterrestrial being and their related reality).

The main bulk of the eastern metaphysical philosophy/knowledge in western culture comes from Yoga, in particular from Yogi Ramacharaka (one of the pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson) pioneer of the “New Thought Movement” who wrote a series of books in the early part of the twentieth century. in the early 1900s he started to deliver Yogi philosophy in America in a series of lectures “translated” in a western mindset for a “simplified” application and divulgation.

At the basis of the eastern metaphysical knowledges there is the belief that the outer world is a manifestation of the inner world throughout the individual center’s of energy (Chakras) and that this knowledge is a dormant awareness in the subconscious of all the Human Beings and that everything in our reality is connected.

The complexity through which the outer world is generated is comparable to the complexity of the sum of the Physical, Psychological, Mental, Energetic and Spiritual Structures of the Human Being and how these Parts Interact in the Totality multiplied by the Physical laws which governs our outer World/the Nature (simplified concept of Restricted Physical Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein).

In a certain sense the Metaphysical knowledge can be considered as an individual, intuitive and holistic ‘vision’ toward our unconscious to have access as conscious meditative and aware observers our “role” as co-creator of outer reality.

As we can imagine the possibilities are infinite and every Individual can have a personal point of view of the same reality as consequence of similar uniqueness with the other individuals, but because unique in the combinations of factors (such as life and soul experiences) every individual generates a different conscious, amount of Consciousness and ways of thinking through which to observe and to interact with the outer world giving origin to a single reality: the Oneness.

The metaphysical knowledge is also about the power of our conscious mind and intellect in front of the facts that all the individual aspects of the Human Being are interconnected in the generation of the Reality/outer World and still of the inner World in perpetual circular movements which evolve in a Spiral Dynamic in terms individual consciousness and in term of collective consciousness. In fact a proper Metaphysical knowledge cannot exclude a profound know-how about the components of our Being, about Ourselves (Self-Awareness) as “I” in the physical, mental and spiritual realms and about how we evolve.

“Does the mind or Spirit of man, whatever it may be, in its actings in and through the body, leave a material impression or trace in its structure of every conscious action it performs, which remains permanently fixed, and forms a material record of all that it has done in the body, to which it can afterward refer as to a book and recall to mind, making it again, as it were, present to it?… We find Nature everywhere around us recording its movements and marking the changes it has undergone in material forms, in the crust of the Earth, the composition of the rocks, the structure of the trees, the conformation of our bodies, and those spirits of ours, so closely connected with our material bodies, that so far as we know, they can think no thought, perform no action, without their presence and co-operation, may have been so joined in order to preserve a material and lasting record of all that they think and do.”

Yogi Ramacharaka

“Principles for the development of a complete mind: study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else”.

Leonardo da Vinci

Another important source of Metaphysical knowledge comes to us from several modern channels such as Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) : an American self-professed clairvoyant who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, unconscious, reincarnation, the afterlife and future events while in a self-induced sleep state. Channels are individuals that are able to be conscious and consistent in mental contacts with Beings which live in the invisible dimensions and invisible higher cosmic dimensions and as result, they can help the humankind with invaluable information.

Usually channels get their informations from the invisible spiritual world during meditative and contemplative sessions during which the aim is to establish a direct contact with Spirit Guides who have access to the hidden dimensions of the reality. Invisible world’ entities and Spiritual Guides are supposed to be Beings in evolution such as us (more or less Advanced than us) or other cosmic realities’s Beings that have the knowledge and experience from other and/or highest universal cosmic dimensions of different realities.

It has been primarily transmitted by the invisible dimensions that the Universe and the spiritual laws which govern our world were created for the development and the evolution of our Being and Consciousness such as the Law of Physic. Consciousness started with the most primitive forms of life and gradually, over millions of years, advances in sophistication to the level of the modern Human and beyond. In the process of development and evolution, the Individual and Collective Consciousness goes through a series of stages using a multitude of tools that have been setup to make this development possible and to stay in perfect harmony between the Invisible and the visible.

For centuries, modern science has tried to fill the Gap between Humans and the rest of the Universe trying and also to understand the spiritual invisible realms through Physics Laws: from Isaac Newton showing that one set of laws applies equally to falling apples and orbiting planets to Carl Sagan assuming that “We are made of Star Stuff” and that the atoms of our bodies were literally forged in the nuclear furnaces of other stars.

The Universe itself is the primary tool which was created by the Absolute Intelligence to support an evolutionary process. The Universe is an intricate system with many components that work in unison and in a idealistic and mathematical harmony.

At the base of the Metaphysical knowledge the principle is that the reality shifts that we can experience and/or Generate aren’t “magic”, but it regards the way we relate to each other, to the Nature, and to the Cosmos.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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