What are your Habits? Develop Self-Awareness in Order to Create Even more New Good Habits

Good Daily Habits are the Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle and the Realization of many further Meaningful Accomplishments.

Successful (for Success I Mean the Achievement of a Person’s Goals and Purposes) People are Different from Unsuccessful People in their Daily Habits. Successful People have many Good Habits and few Bad Daily Habits. 

Analyze our Strengths and Weaknesses as a Good Starting Point to Build New Good Habits. But…

How Can we Recognize and Define a Strength or Weakness?

In Self-Awareness and Self-Assessment (intended as for Example the Capability to Evaluate an our Performance or an our Behavior) requires Brutal Honesty toward Ourselves, but Consider that it is also the more Effective Way to Create Habits able to Enhance our Strengths.

A Strength is a Positive Force profoundly Linked to our Values and Aligned to the Satisfaction of our Core Human Needs.

In General a Strength Make us Feel Rooted and Brings us Closer to our Goals making us Feel Good and Fulfilled when we Identify it in our Behavior. 

A Strength is Able to Make us Feel ever more Stronger and able to Develop Long-Term,  Durable and Repeatable Results.

In Reverse a Weakness and/or Weak Habit make us feel in our Thoughts and Mental Dynamics. It makes us Feel Satisfied in the Short Period (usually the satisfied Need are the one Linked to our Personality, but not Linked to our Values) and they usually can subtract Time and Strength from the Development of Positive Habits. 

Develop Self-Awareness in Order to Succeed in the Creation of New Positive Habits 

Here are Two Exercises you can Use as a Guide Line in order to “Work” on the Development of your Positive Habits and Strengths and the Transformation of your Bad Habits:

Exercise 1

Write on your Journal or on a Piece of Paper the List of both your Good and your Bad Habits. Form Two Columns. List at least 10 Good Daily Habits under Column One and 10 Bad Habits on the Column Two. If You aren’t able to Identify them as Habits, add in the Missing Space your Strengths and Weakness.

Now Identify the Time that you Dedicate in a Day to each Habit. 

Individuate the Time that you “Feel” Able to Detract from a Bad Habit in order to Enforce a Good Habit. Repeat this Exercise every Week for at least 21 Days until that you will Notice an Effective Reduction of the Time that you dedicate to your Bad Habits in order to Empower the Positive ones and to Create Good New Habits able to Accomplish your Goals.

Exercise 2

After that You have Practiced the Exercise 1 for at Least 21 Days noticing Positive Results, each two Weeks Invert at Maximum Two of your Bad Daily Habits In Good Habits to Add to your Daily Routine. Remember that Improvements Require us the “Right Effort” and the “Right Stress” in order to Create further Life Force to Invest in our Activities and to Maintain a Positive Balance  in our Daily Life. When you feel Overloaded, Simply Slow Down and Take your Time to Relax (a Positive Good Habit).

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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