Wellness of the Spirit for a Fulfilled Life

Spiritual Wellness occurs when our Behavior, Thoughts, and Emotions are in a State of Balance and Alignment with our main Life Purposes. When we can Nourish a Mindset and a Lifestyle that Promotes Peace, Harmony and a Balanced Development in all Areas, our Spirit Realizes a state of Fulfillment and we Experience this State of Being as general Wellness.

When we are out of Sync with our Needs of our Essence, we Experience Significative and Prolonged Stress, Frustration, Confusion, and Negative Emotions.

Spiritual Wellness is all about Being Aware of our Set of Values that give us Purpose and Meaning to Live at Best our Existence. It can Represent a Phylosophy, a Personal Vision of Life, a Religion we belong to, Faith in a Higher Power, or simply having a Strong Set of Values you Abide by. 

Learning to stay in the Present Moment, Mindfully, Practicing Gratitude, Realizing our Intents and Learning and Appreciating who we really are, are Key Components of Spiritual Wellness.

The most important thing to take in consideration about Wellness of our Spirit is that Experience a “right amount” of Confusion, Stress and Difficulties in determinated Periods of our Life is Functional for our Spiritual and Personal Evolution: the Goal is to find a Way Out of Uconfortable States of Being and to Find a Renewed Alignement with our Soul starting by our Thoughts and Physical Wellness.

Ask to Ourselves Better Questions

  • In this Moment of my Life am I Experiencing many Negative Emotional States?
  • Is my Mind consumed by Worries and Fears?
  • Am I Angry or Harboring Frustration that is not dealt with?
  • Do I Feel Unfulfilled, Oppressed or Depressed?

If some Answers to our Questions are Yes, we must Inquire into Ourselves and Dedicate Time and Effort to Reframe the Situations that we are Living until we don’t Find Functional Answers that can help us to Evolve and to Develop a Functional Point of View on our Life.

When we Consider our Spiritual Wellness, we must be completely Honest with Ourselves until Do we genuinely Feel Satisfied and Happy with our Life, with our Thoughts and Emotions, with our Ability and Capacity for providing the Fulfillment that we really Need. Of Course, we can ask for Help for Doing this Work on Ourselves. A Life Coach, a Counselor or a Psychologist are Expert Professional Figures able to Support us during these challenging Moments.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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