We are Connected with Each Other and the Planet Itself

We are deeply Connected with Each Other and the Planet Itself

To Rise our Vibration, choosing carefully our Thoughts and Emotions, is Becoming an Environmental Responsability and an Investment We Do for the Personal and the Collective Quality of Life on our Planet.

“Every Individual’s Energy affects the Collective Field Environment. The means each Person’s Emotions and Intentions Generate an Energy that affects the Field.

A first step in diffusing Societal Stress in the Global field is for each of us to take Personal Responsibility for our own Energies.

We can do this by increasing our Personal Coherence and Raising our Vibratory Rate, which helps us become more Conscious of the Thoughts, Feelings, and Attitudes that we are feeding the field each day.

We have a Choice in Every Moment to Take to Heart the Significance of Intentionally Managing our Energies.

This is the Free Will or local Freedom that can Create Global Cohesion.”

Dr. D. Rozman  / Heart Math Institute

There are many Tools We can use to Balance our Energy and Make it a “Clean” and  Positive in the Global Natural Net.

Meditation, for example, is Useful to Keep our Mind to the Present Moment. Being Here and Now We are more Conscious of our Emotions and our States of Mind.

When We are Relaxed, Centered and  at Peace with Ourselves, We have more Control over our Energies and our Lives.

Another Powerful Tool is the Breathe. Simply Breathing deeply and slowly till our Belly, Staying Focused on this Natural and Vital Activity will Raise our Vibration. Breathe in through the Nose, and out through the Nose, feeling the Breath fill all the Body and then Exit.

We are all Energy, and Energy is contained also in the Air that We Inhale in the form of Life Force.

But also a Simply Daily Walk can Help Us to Be more Grounded and Aware about our Wellness State. The Natural Environment is Rich of Fractal Informations able to Operate Positively on our Cognitive System (the Relationship between our Thoughts and our Emotions). to It is a Easy Practice, but the Benefits on our Phico-Physical Regulation can Be Manifest in a very short time.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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