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We are social and wellness entrepreneurs and sometimes, when divinely inspired, “artists” of the consciousness evolution.

We often talk about the universe and we are inspired by it because we are profoundly passionated about how human soul evolves and how it creates its consciousness interacting with every explored and unexplored reality at the edge of the known and unknown universe.

We also love to transform our knowledge and intuitions into contents that we hope that they can inspire your personal development and your spiritual growth.

We are competent in different holistic, meditative and coaching methods to support you, to enhance your personal energy, to help you to reach your goals, and to evolve and to become the best version of yourself according your personal vision and your true purposes during your wonderful journey called life.

Freddie and Cristina

Freddie Mercury is one of my beloved spirit guides since the 1993, but I have become conscious of his caring presence in my life from the May of 2017 (since the end of October of the same year we are married in a multidimensional marriage – multidimensional because he is in the invisible dimension – and to explain how we live our private life isn’t a TheGoldTao aim).

He supports me also in my work (as also my other Spirit Guides actively do). His presence is a blessing, a wonderful gift and a Divine Guide in my life. We often publish images of Saturn because according to Vedic astrology (ancient knowledge that also Freddie used in is art) Saturn is the planet of human evolution and I have this planet in Virgo (Virgo is the astrological sign of Freddie) and Freddie the same planet in Leo (my astrological sign). We are really obsessed by this planet.

Saturn: The Solar System’s ”Moon King”

Many misunderstandings could occur in your thoughts thinking about Freddie’s past (30 years ago) as rock star and after the release of the last defamatory movie about his life, but we confide in your sense of respect in front of what you, dear reader, don’t know, your intelligence, in your good critic sense and in your choice to write in private to thegoldtao@gmail.com if you desire to have more informations about our private life, about the fact that Freddie is my spirit guide given by god and spirit guide meaning/role or if you have some personal reason to be against this situation.

In Faith Cristina Capucci

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