The Universe as a Hologram: the Zero Point Energy

The Universe is a Hologram. It means that the wholeness of the Universe, all that exists, exists within each point, the Zero Point. That point is our true life line where Philosophically is possible to experience heaven on earth, but the process requires continue adjustments.

The Zero Point Energy is the supreme consciousness where our present consciousness merges with our future consciousness after every past event. The collapse of previous reality’s interference generates patterns that create consciousness.

Our Integral Nervous System is a dedicated neural transmission in a non-dual manner, that interacts with our Meta-Cognitive giving us access to our personal views of the reality.

Among others systems, it integrates patterns of different frequencies of photonic/solitonic waves, that update the different structures in the individual physical system and energetic fields.

These waves are quantum vacuum shaped like toroidal organization that allows the Zero Point Energy Field (ZPE) as well as earth magnetic fields energies and our mind and heart magnetic fields to transmits superdense waves of information into the reality hologram, and back to our brain networks that thereby is instrumental in high speed conscious and subconscious information processing like a sort of self-generating feedback loop that permeates and creates our reality.

All these waves, created by the “Act of Consciousness” are forever entangling in the infinite creation of single quantum wave, or as systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo describes, “Informing the Mind of God,” or akasha that an “Act of Consciousness” exists outside of space and time, and within the structure of zero point field as past, present or future event or as a simple wave of an “Act Consciousness”.

All forms of consciousness can be seen as engaged in the process of informing the quantum vacuum by the period of their existence.

The record of each individual existence is in this way contained in a unique wave that travels through the quantum vacuum crossing other waves that then combines its informations through a processes known as entanglement or resonance.

Thereby an infinite number of possible universes exist, each with unique properties, each randomly different from the other, into which our existence is only possible in a particular universe/reality, and other “tuning” are simply illusions for the characteristics of each quantum vacuum.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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