The Summer Solstice. A Simple Prayer to Say Grace

Solstice Celebration is a Pagan Tradition that are still Celebrated in many Locations Throughout the World. In some Places these are New Events and in others they have been more or less Continuous. Perhaps the most famous of these is centered on Stonehenge, Situated on Salisbury Plain, in the English county of Wiltshire.

In Continental Europe the Celebrations are Numerous. For example, in Italy Midsummer Folk Traditions are Alive and well Despite two Millennia of Catholicism.

The Solstices are the Times of the Year when the Sun reaches its most Southerly or Northern Point, either at the Tropic of Capricorn or the Tropic of Cancer. These Extremes of Movement Create the Longest and Shortest days.

The Solstice Rituals are deeply Connected with the Elements of the Earth: Earth, Fire, Water and Air (They aren’t a Scientific Classification of the Elements, but a Simplify for an Easer Divulgation). The Sun is the Central Point of these Rituals as Representative of the Fire Element able to Purify Hight in the Sky.

The Aim of Solstice Celebration is to Balance overall the Element of Fire and Water Inside of all of us: the Emotions (and their Purification), the Subconscious (and our Reactions) and the Nature and the Force our Thoughts.

A Solstice Ritual can be Practiced with a Simple Prayer, Invoking the Blessings of Our Spiritual Guides, Masters or the Force of the Elements of the Earth Governed by the Wisdom of our Mother Earth for being Nourished by Her Gifts and by Her Energies (Electromagnetic Fields and Vortex).

Here a Simple but Profound Pagan Prayer to Say Grace and Celebrate this Summer Solstice:

“Goddess and God, 

the Earth and the Fire, 

Together Ensure our Crops will Grow Higher. 

May the Light from the Sun, on this longest Day,

Ever Shine Brightly and Show us the Way.

We Give Thanks for the Good Things

That in Love we Will Take,

May our Hearts be Filled Pure

So that Joy we can Make.

Light on Earth we Praise You,

Earth and Light our Guides,

Free us from our Worries

And Purify our Minds.


Ancient Prayer

Author: Cristina Capucci

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