The Role of Human Heart Electro-Magnetic Field in the Enhancement of the Domains of Resilience and the Consciousness Evolution

One of the most Interesting and Innovative Model of Self Cognitive Emotion Regulation emerging from the last years of Scientific and Academic Research Works Supports the Thesis that each Individual has his/her own ‘Highest Expression’ Innate Capability and that can Generate a State Coherence given by a Profound and Differentiated interactions between the Brain and the Heart: this Interactions occur in our Body through three different connected Ways: Physiologically, Neurologically and Energetically. 

When the Brain and the Heart rises a Functional Communication is possible an Effective Balance of Emotions, an Increase of Physical and Cognitive Performance, an improvement of Mental Clarity and Decision Making Capabilities, a profound sense of Calm and Connection with the whole and an Alignment between Heart and Brain functions that Generates a Deep State of Coherence.

Studies on Emotions and the Development of Human Cognitive Potential Emphasize the Importance of Coherence as an Optimal Psychophysiological State. 

“At the Core of the HeartMath Method of Emotional Regulation is the Idea that, by Focusing on Positive Feelings such as Appreciation, Care, or Compassion, anyone can Create Dramatic Changes in his or her Heart Rhythms.”  Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. of HeartMath Institute.

The Electro-Magnetic Connection between Brain and Heart and its Influence on the Human Domains of Resilience

Concerning the Energetic Communication between Brain and Heart Potential as Generator of a Coherence Psychophysical State, the Scientists of the Heart Math Institute have discovered the Existence of a Magnetic Energetic Field around our Heart, which has both an Electric and a Magnetic Component. 

The Electric Component of this Field is around 60 times more Powerful than the Electric Component of the Brain ables to Influence both the Cerebral Hemisphere.

Also the Magnetic component of the Energy around the Heart is more Powerful than the Cerebral one: it is around 5000 times wider.

These Fields can be Recorded several Meters away from the Body and it has been Observed that they have a Quantic Potential in terms of Management of Memories and Communication with other Individuals’ Magnetic Fields in Transmission and Receiving of Unconscious Informations and Connection with our Planet Earth’s Energetic Field. 

Scientists have studied how this Magnetic Field of Energy behaves inside the Human Body and they Describe how the Heart-Field Pulsates and Releases Complex Rhythmical Patterns through the Whole Body and the Chakra System. Our Brain continuously Synchronizes its Hemispheres Activity with the Electro-Magnetic Pulse of the Heart generating a Connected Energetic Field that Vibrates at the Frequencies of 8Hz (the same Frequency of Earth’s Electromagnetic Field – The Schumann Resonance).

The main Insight from these Researches is that the Heart’s Electro-Magnetic Field can send Synchronizing Signals that cause the whole Body to Vibrate in Harmony with the Heart generating Autonomous System Rebalancing, Blood Pressure and Breath Regulation and even more Frequent States of Coherence. 

The Human Electro-Magnetic Field (HEMF) is a Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field, or, a ‘BioField’, that Permeates the Human Body and holds Inclusive Informations about our Frequencies of our Domains of Resilience (the Power or Ability of Resistance and Self-Regeneration): Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It contains the Perfect Memory of our whole Essence, and becoming Conscious of the Existence of this Electro-Magnetic Field around the Body, we can become able to Menage Filing/Programming, Potentiate it (our Heart Space) with Light, Positive Energies, Enhancing Beliefs, Functional Emotions and Intentions.

Heart Math Institute Researches suggest that “the Ability to Build and Sustain Resilience is Related to Self-Management and efficient utilization of Energy Resources across Four Domains: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Physical Resilience is basically reflected in Physical Flexibility, Endurance and Strength, while Emotional Resilience is Reflected in the Ability to Self-Regulate, degree of Emotional Flexibility, Positive Outlook and Supportive Relationships. Mental Resilience is Reflected in the Ability to Sustain Focus and Attention, Mental Flexibility and the Capacity for Integrating multiple Points of View. Spiritual Resilience is Typically associated with Commitment to Core Values, Intuition and Tolerance of Others’ Values and Beliefs.”  (Excerpt from Science of the Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance. An Overview of Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute).

Working Consciously on our Heart Electro-Magnetic Field through Active Heart Meditations, we can become Able to Affect Positively our Brain Waves, our Amygdala Functioning and to Process a sConscious Personal Development and Consciousness Evolution, Developing , Balancing and Strengthen: 

  • our Emotional States and  processing (e.g. Anger, Grief, Hatred, Joy, Happiness etc.) , 
  • our Values as Priorities System in relationship to our Needs, Memories, Emotional Strength Aspirations and  Highest Expression of our Dreams. 
  • Our Rational Thinking, Cognitive Functions and Creative Intuitions through the Development of connection with the Subtle non-Material Sphere

The Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM)

Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM) is a Meditative Technique (that includes Guided Meditations, Visualizations and Heart Energetic Rebalances through BioPhotonic Energy or Reiki Energy, and Breathwork Exercises) that I have Ideated (in the 2011 with successive Implementations) to Generate Coherence Psychophysical States, Empower the Inner Listening, to Coordinate the Human Heart to the Brain Functioning and a Coherent Emission of Information, and Intentionally Ground our Human Frequencies to the Earth Frequencies.

Primarily I utilize this Meditation as Fundamental Tool during Evolutive Coaching Sessions.  It can be classified as a Transcendental Meditation Inspired to Mindfulness, Native American Traditions and the Modern Neurosciences Researches.

This Meditation permits to work on all the Four Humanitarian’s Domain of Resilience and It Favors:

  1. the Experience of Deep Relaxation States
  2. the Release of Physical, Mental and Emotional Blocks
  3. our whole System to Enter in a State of Coherence
  4. the Increase of Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  5. the Release of non-functional Memories from our Human Heart Electro-Magnetic Field (HEMF) and to Open our Consciousness to a States of Spiritual Unconditional Love and Compassion toward All that it is, Perceiving a sense of Safe Connection between us, the World and the Planet
  6. our Consciousness to Experience Higher Emotional States, to Connect our Conscious to our Higher Intentions and Visions, and the Enhance of our Intuitive Abilities
  7. the Experience of Humanistic, Systemic and Holistic States of Consciousness (according to the Spiral Dynamic Model by Clare W. Graves)
  8. the Experience of Natural, Safe and Balanced Shamanic States of non-Ordinary Consciousness and Comprehensions.

This Method does not Promise any unrealistic Achievements. In Fact the Higher Spiritual States that are Experienced during the Meditative State are just an Activation of a Profound Processes of Change/Personal Development/ Spiritual Evolution that will be a gradual Process (the Results also depends by the Meditator/Coachee level of Commitment and real Purposes) which Requires a High Level of Personal Presence and Persistence in the Practice of Individual Exercises. 

Author: Cristina Capucci

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