The Main Four Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

The tips for a long and satisfying basic wellness program are few, essential and simple.

Living Well Finding our Personal Wellness Balance and Dimension is a Daily Exercise and Commitment that in many Cases Depends on our Will, Ability and Personal Attitude to Face Life with the Right Energy, Vitality and Focus. To Develop an Authentic and Personalized, Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle (that it Means also to Set Proper Wellness Goals) not only Contribute to Increase our Life Force, General Balance and Total Wellness but also it is Helpful to Bring more Insights and Inspirations “from the Universe” for our Intents and Projects on the Way. 

Just Remember that there is not a “Perfect Program”. The Good One is the One that Satisfies your Need to Take Better Care of yourself and that Make you Feel Happy and Fulfilled along the Path and that will result in General Sense of Well-Being, the Activation of a Healthy and Beneficial Habits and a Strong Determination to Set even more New and Challenging Wellness Goals.

Recognize that Life is a Journey, not a Destination

Despite it Seems Obvious, this Saying Reflects the Reality: the Way we Reach our Wellness Goals is as Important as the Goal Itself.

Part of Living our Life in the Best way is strictly Related to the Way we Care of our PsychoPhysical Wellness. Our Body and our Minds are Unique and they Need that we Learn how to Make them Works at Best overcoming, Step by Steps, our Limits.

Physical Wellness 

Physical Wellness is the Process of Taking Care, Enhancing, Training and Protecting the Body by means of a Regular Exercise, Good Hydration, Healthy and Balanced Diet, Avoiding harmful Substances and Foods, having enough Sleep and Rest, and Staying Cautious over the Activities that may Be Dangerous or to Challenging for a not Trained Body. Knowing the importance of Physical Activity

Mental Wellness 

Mental Wellness Refers to the Wellness of the Mind and our Mental Capabilities and includes, developing a Way of Thinking, Problem Solving and Thinking Creatively, Positive Thinking, having a Strong Curiosity and a Desire to Learn, and Maintaining optimal Focus, Concentration and Memory.

These are just some of the main Elements that form our Mental Wellness Having Strength and Mental Clarity is a Formidable way to Support and Master our Wellness.

When we can Enhance and Develop Wellness in our Mind, we also have the Bases to Improve Mental and Physical Wellness.

Emotional Wellness 

Emotional Wellness Refers how we Feel and how we Integrate Emotions Both Positive and Negative. Emotional Well-Being involves the Development of Positive Emotional Responses,  the Attitude of Seeking Happiness, inner Peace and Balance and Emotional Intelligence that Includes a good Degree of Love and Compassion for Ourselves and others and According to each Circumstance, the Ability to Identify the most Appropriate Way to Express our Feelings.

Emotional Wellness is Linked to Mental Wellness and they can Influence each other in the Way we Face our Thoughts and our Emotions.

Emotions aren’t Positive neither Negative: they are Experiences that can Moves us toward Results or Consequences.

Spiritual Wellness 

Spiritual Wellness is all about Being Aware of our Set of Values that give us Purpose and Meaning to Live at Best our Existence. It can Represent a Phylosophy, a Personal Vision of Life, a Religion we belong to, Faith in a Higher Power, or simply having a Strong Set of Values we Abide by. 

Learning to Stay in the Present Moment, Mindfully, Appreciating our Existence and Practicing Gratitude, to Realize our Positive Intents at Best, to Enhance our Capability to Understand How we are and to Appreciate who we really are, to Understand the Life Lessons and Integrate them as Teachings in our Life, are some of the Key Components of Spiritual Wellness. 

Spiritual Wellness is the Dimension of Wellness that Includes all the other Dimensions, in fact it Occurs when our Behavior, Thoughts, and Emotions are in a State of Balance and Alignment with our main Life Purposes. When we can Nourish a Mindset and a Lifestyle that Promotes Peace, Harmony and a Balanced Development in all Areas, our Spirit Realizes a state of Fulfillment and we Experience this State of Being as general Wellness.

Set Wellness Goals

In Setting Wellness Goals, the S.M.A.R.T Goal Strategy is highly Recommended. It Means that our Goals Must Be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Goals are Drivers that Give Direction and Focus to our Activities and Efforts. Following a Goal-Less Wellness Program could Deprive us of the Motivational Advantage of Recognizing Results of our Work and to Persist in the Achievement of the whole Program. It is very Important to set very Personalized Wellness Goals to Enhance all the Characteristics of our Individuality.

Author: Cristina Capucci 


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