The Law of Cause and Effect: “Be Who You Think You Are” & Create Positive Outcomes in your Life

The Law of Cause and Effect States That:

“Every Effect has a Specific and Predictable Cause. Every Cause or Action has a Specific and Predictable Effect.”

In our Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect is Absolute. The Law of Cause and Effect in Physics, which deals with the World of Matter and Energy, says, “For every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.” 

In Metaphysics, the Law of Cause and Effect is different. It says, “For every Action there is a Response, and the Response is in Perfect Accord with the Action.” 

Meta means “More Than” or “Beyond,” and Physics Refers to the Physical World, so Metaphysics describes the World beyond the Physical. In the Metaphysical Application of the Law of Cause and Effect, Living the Life at Best, Developing Ourselves According to our Vision will always Bring us a Great Good, Positivity and Results.

Simply, Our Thoughts, Behaviors, and Actions Create a Specific Effects that Manifest and Create our Life as we Know it. 

If we are Not Happy with the Effects that we Have Created, then we Should Change the Causes that Created them in the First Place.

The Utilize of the Law of Cause and Effect to Realize our Goals

One of the most Powerful Effects in our Life is about by “Who You Think You Are”. In the Moment that in our Brain the Functioning of the Law of Cause and Effect became Conscious, Functional and Aligned to a Proper Action, we Begin to Build an Image of Who and What we Believe Ourselves to Be. 

The Events our Life and our Actions will Have Helped to Create that Image, the Self-Image of “Who You Think You Are”. Whenever we Speak, Act, and Think, “Who You Think You Are” will Determine an Even more Coherent and Aligned Outcome Given that “Who You Think You Are” Changes plus or less Coherently when we Change our Actions. 

Don’t Pretend, Be Real to Yourself and Build “Who You Think You Are”. Start Today

For Example by Taking on the Characteristics of a more Wise and Committed Person, we Will Start to see Ourselves in a New Light. Consider that the Law of Cause and Effect is not a Shortcut but a Scientific and Intellectual Guarantee that the Results will Successfully Be (In a Positive Way) Manifested in the Reality Following by our Actions and Metaphysically Enforced by the “Who You Think You Are” Mindset and Take in Consideration that when we Make Fun of Others mainly when we Make Fun of Ourselves.

“To Be is to Do” Immanuel Kant

Individuating our Real Needs and Purposes and Setting Clear and Meaningful Goals is the Best Way to Start to put into Action a New Functioning of the Law Cause and Effect and to Build a Solid and Coherent Image of “Who You Think You Are”.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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