The Infinite Living Force and the Power of the Mind to Improve Wellness. An Overview about Edgar Cayce’s Teachings

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American Psychic who had the ability to channel answers to questions about various topics while he was in a self-induced hypnosis. Edgar Cayce has been referred to as a “Prophet” (cf. Jess Stearn’s book, ”The Sleeping Prophet”), a “Mystic”, and a “Seer”.

Cayce’s methods involved entering into what appeared to be a trance or sleep state, usually at the request of a people who was seeking help concerning health, total wellness, personal problems or spiritual development issues. The Person’s questions would then be object of a with a “reading” by Cayce, through the connection of higher state of consciousness definited by him the “One Spirit Superconscious”.

For decades Edgar Cayce readings/teachings contributed giving a clear prospective to the field of holistic energetic medicine and spiritual development and making of him the pioneer of the “Energetic Medicine” and a kind of “Prophet”.

According to Cayce’s vision, the mind, its powers and a strong awareness around the concept of infinite/universal/divine source play a very important role in improving our energies and our general wellbeing. We all can learn to Communicate with our body to the level of individual atoms through the subconscious mind (handling our Limiting beliefs and flows of energy) in order to support and enhance our total wellness, to set important purposes (the nourishment of our spirit) that guide us to the right direction and actions, to send positive intents and flows of energy during meditations to restore our energetic bodies and wellness (the same power that is used in Reiki Energy Healing technique by Mikao Usui ) and to keep balance among body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In many readings, Cayce affirms that the human body should stay naturally healthy and even rejuvenate itself if a proper internal balance and high vibrational forces and wellness dimensions are maintained. 

When we learn how to use our thoughts focusing them as functional patterns to send informations to our organism and to the environment (for example “raising the vibrations” of the body, the nature of our thoughts and/or a room) It becomes possible to change and to increase the natural capability of maintaining and improving wellness inherent our organism and to develop a more “spiritual”, purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle.

“Spirit is Life. Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result.” Edgar Cayce

The forces able to improve individual’s vibrations are known as vibrational creative forces and they are also utilized on a spiritual level to reach a higher personal potential (connecting to our “One Spirit Superconscious”, the higher level of our consciousness where the psychic informations from the “Infinite Source/Intelligence” are available) and to fulfill our life lurposes, simply raising positive and luminous thoughts and reaching higher state of consciousness.

What it is very actual, but also in line according to a modern interpretation of ‘Metaphysics’ expressed and actualized by many recent “energetic holistic techniques” is the importance of a daily utilizing of the “Vibrational Creative/Imaginative Forces” that can permit us to communicate to universal energies and promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

“In this Body lying here, we find all Life in suspension, only Portions of the Higher Vibrations in accord with those Vibrations that Communicate with the Universal Forces.” Edgar Cayce 900-10 

Edgar Cayce’s eork on the nature of vibrational energies and the role of unseen forces around wellness and environmental topics have lead to the field of “energetic medicine,” and metaphysical knowledge for many years.

As general guide line, Edgar Cayce teachings about how to handle our personal dimensions of wellness are very simple but also very effective.

The power of the thought, the power of positive affirmations, the practice of meditation and Reiki Energy Healing technique, vibrational remedies like bach flowers, colors and music, a good hydration, short periods of fasting (1-2 days) a diet based on fresh and seasonal foods and a moderate physical exercise etc, are some of the easy and natural temedies able to raise our vibrations of our body, “energetic bodies” and to maintain a state of good and furthermore vibrant psycho physical well-being.

Author: Cristina Capucci 


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