The Human Energy Field and its Health

 “If Quantum Mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call Real is made of Things that cannot be regarded as Real.” Niels Bohr

Everything in this World, from Sunlight to Flowers, is made of Energy.

Energy is simply Information that Vibrates or Moves. Some Energy, such as the Energy composing a Car, a Book and our Physical Bodies themselves move slowly. Because Their Energy is Condensed We can use our Five Physical Senses to prove the Existence of these Slowenergy Objects/Bodies.

Thousands of Megabytes of Energetic Data are around us 24/7, and our Energetic Boundaries are composed of fast-moving and unseen Energy. This Energy composes also our Feelings, Thoughts and Needs, as well as our inherent Beliefs and Spiritual Essence.

The Fields also Communicate Messages from our Inside to the outer World and Keep Us Connected to Mother Earth and to Others in a Natural Harmony.

In Wester Culture, the Concept of a Human Energy Field has been “imported” from Ancient Eastern Traditions and It is referred to the concept of Chakras a and Ki: the Vital Force that Exist into every Living Being and that often diminishes or is disturbed before that Physical Diseases takes place.

At the Turn of the Nineteenth Century, Physicists started to Explore the Relationship between Energy and the Structure of Matter and only in the last 80 Years Science has started to proven that a series of Fields around Human Body Exists and that they are more Potent than ever imagined.

Scientific Exploration of begins with the American Harold Burr who started researching about Life Fields in 1938.

Between the years of 1938 and 1970 Burr published 90 papers where He describes Life Field as an Electro-Dynamic Field which can be seen to vary in Health and Disease.

Other two important Researchers are Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee of Syracuse University. They were the first to detect a Biomagnetic Field around the Human Heart.

Nowadays, a huge number of Researches around the Energetic Field around the Heart and its Connection with the Whole and Its implications in Human Wellness, are conducted by the HeartMath Institute of California.

The Human Energetic Field

Ancient Traditions, Mystics and Energetic Therapists Agree about the Theory that the Human Auric Field actually consists of Twelve different Bands of Light (Energetic/Auric Bodies) around our Physical Body and that each Layer operates at a different Frequency in the Human Electromagnetic Spectrum.

They can be grouped in Five Main Boundaries:

  • Physical (Associated to our First/Root Chakra)
  • Emotional (Associated to our Second/Sacral and Fourth/Heart Chakras)
  • Rational or Mental (Associated to our Third and Sixth Chakras)
  • Spiritual (Associated to our Fourth/Heart, Sixth and Seventh Chakras)
  • Casual (out of Physical Body Chakras from Eighth to Twelfth Chakra/ where, for example, Karmic Informations Are Contained and from which we are Connected to our Akashic Records. We are all Connected from this Energetic Body and It is out of Human Manipulation. It is only Conceivable).

Our Energetic Boundaries are the Border of our Being and they Overview our Internal Programs and each of our Twelve Auric Layers carries out a different Function Important for our Health and Wellbeing.

The Main three basic Functions individuated by the Researcher and Author Cyndi Dale are:

• Providing Protection. They keep out the energies that fail to support our Spiritual Essence.

• Filtering. They let in the Energies that enhance our Spiritual Essence, keep in the Energy we Need, and let out the Energy or Information that Sustains us in the World (This is a very complex Spiritual Concept that I will Develop more in one of the next Post).

• Magnetizing. In our Connected World They draw what we need to us, including Healing, Information, Guidance, People, Events, Jobs, Money, Healthy Relationships, Life Lessons, and more.

We Live in a Wonderful Connected World where we are Part of a Immense Whole, but it is important to Preserve our Energetic Integrity for a Total Wellness and Prosperity.

In fact there are Situations during which our Energy is Violated: by an Accident, by an Illness or also by Negative People and/or Situations.

In General, when our Boundaries are Violated, there are three Basic Energetic Repercussions accordingto Cyndi Dale Researches:

  • Our Boundaries become Rigid or Immobilized with the consequence that the Flow of our Lives is Stuck. This Repercussion is Observable as Mood Change Manifestations and as Loss of Motivation in the Person.
  • Our Boundaries become Permeable to Negative Energies. A Permeable Boundary lose theirs Functions of Protection and Become Attackable from Outside by Directed or Unconscious Actions or by Other People Illness and Weakness.
  • Our Boundaries are Sliced. Gaps in our Energy Boundaries leave Gaps in our Lives, Door-Ways through which Anything and Anyone can Walk. We easily Absorb others Negative Energies and Moods, from Diseases to Poverty Issues until the Lose of a big amount of Life Force.

“The Higher your Energy Level, the more Efficient your Body. The more Efficient your Body, the Better you Feel and the more you will Use your Talent to Produce outstanding Results.” Tony Robbins

How to Restore the Energetic Boundaries?

In many Cases it is Possible Adjust the Energetic Boundaries. Here are listed some Simple Solutions very Helpful to Get Back to a Good Energetic Health and to an Optimal Holistic Wellness (Physical Intellectual/Mental, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Environmental and Spiritual)

  • First Advice is to Recognize the main “Symptoms” and the Fact that something of “Unusual” is Happening in our Life. It is Recommended to Move on Immediately Away from Negative, Ambiguous and Unclear Situations. No Matter if You Can’t Explain or Explore the Rational Reasons. Trust Your Intuitiveness because your Intuitions are Messages that your Auric Bodies Are sending to your Rational Mind.
  • Ask for Help to a Certified and Experienced Energetic Coach or Therapist to solve this Specific Situation. Remember to Pretend Non-Judgemental Behavior and Privacy.
  • Rebalance your Energies. For a Personal Ecology and Energetic “Hygiene” (overall when we Work on the Wellbeing of Other People, or in the Clinics or Hospitals, or in Crowd Environments as for example happens to Public Figures) and it is suggested to Rebalance our Energy once a Month. In case of our Energetic Bodies has been Demaged is useful to Rebalance our Energetic Field at least every Week until the main Symptoms are Resolved. Reiki Treatments are an Ideal Energetic Technique for this specific Situation. In fact Reiki is an Universal Energy Channelled by the Operator and it is not provided by the Operator Energetic Field: it is Clean, Unpersonal and very Powerful. As soon as You Feel the Benefits of this Practice It is Suggested to Activate Reiki To Be Autonomous to Rebalance Your Energy by Yourself (Auto-Treatments). The First Reiki Level is enough to Practice Reiki Treatments on Ourselves and to Others (for Example to our Dear Ones).
  • Ask Help to your Spiritual Guides (and/or Angels) if you believe in Them. They are always Available to Be Present in our Lives and in the Physical World.
  • Reinforce your Mind with Positive Affirmations and Visualizations/ Meditations. Our Mental Energetic Body can Be Programmed by Positive Intentions and Affirmations (Positive Vibrations) able to share these Informations with the other Auric Bodies. And not only, it is Studied (for Example by the Researcher Masaru Emoto) how the Physical Water Molecules Change Shapes according to the Vibrations they Receive (and we are made by the 70% of Water). Feed Yourself with Positive Thoughts and Intentions. Rise your Vibration!
  • Practice Physical Training. To Be Physically Active Produces Fresh Energy (in terms of Life Force) from the Inside, keeping Ourselves Healthy (in terms of Physical and Energetic Metabolism).
  • Eat Healthy, overall Nourish Yourself with Fresh and Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits. When we eat Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables off the tree or from a personal or close Garden, the Vibrational Energy Benefit of the Food is Higher and It is also Rich in Nutrients from the Sun.
  • Maintain a Good Hydration. Drinking Water helps us to maintain Mental Clarity. In Fact, Water is a Powerful Conductor into our Organism and it serves to Flush Out Toxins and to Raise our Vibration, with the Consequent Increase of Energy and Vitality.

Author: Cristina Capucci


Biography and Suggested Readings:

Hand of Light. A Guide to Heal trough the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan

Energetic Boundaries. How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love and Life by Cyndi Dale

The Book of Chakra by Anodea Judith

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