The Eternal Nature of Life: an Elixir of Eight Secrets about Taoist Longevity

According to Taoist Ancient teachings, Tao is the Primal Power that forges all phenomena visible and invisible in the Universe, from the infinite to the infinitesimal (Macrocosm and Microcosm). The Tao permeates the world with the its life Force or Breath of Life, and those who learn how to harmonize themselves with Tao may benefit that power to enhance and prolong their own lives.

Tao is not a God or a Religion and it is more than just a Philosophy of Life. 

It is a whole Way of Life, and the only way to realize practical benefits from Tao is to cultivate and practice it in the Daily Life. Taoism holds together a lifestyle of practices to guide a person within a Good, Long, Healthy and Fulfilled Life. The true point and secret of the taoist longevity practices are to live well with awareness and clarity. 

According to Taoism, Body and Mind are understood as the focus of cosmological processes summarized in the Five Agents/Alchemies, Five Elements and/or Five Planets (Metal/Mars: 火, Water/Mercury: 水, Wood/Jupiter: 木, Fire/Venus: 金, and Earth/Saturn: 土), or Wu Xing, and the observation and cultivation of which leads the practitioners into a perfect alignment with the operation of the Tao, the Great Cosmological Principle of Everything. 

Taoist Alchemy Focuses mainly on the purification of one’s Spirit, Mind and Body in the hopes of gaining immortality.

In A.D 150, the Taoist Adept Wei Po-Yang wrote the most known and complete text on Taoist Alchemy that started describing over 10,000 formulas called the Tsan Tung Chi (the union of Triple Equation between Essence/Body, Energy and Spirit) it discusses the alchemy of the external elixir (Wai-Dan) which involves specific diets, the use of pills from minerals and metals, the consumption and use of various concoctions known as alchemical medicines or Elixirs, as well as the internal Elixir (Nei-Dan), which involved the inner alchemy of Life Forces.

As mentioned by Wei Po-Yang, I nternal Elixirs happen mainly in the Dan-Tien that literally means “Elixir Field” and refers to the region two inches below the navel and midway between the abdominal wall and spine, where vital energies are concentrated and the internal elixir is formed. Each adepts “refine” this Elixir developing positive/focused thoughts and practicing Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Sexual Yoga or Disciplined Sexual Practice and further Alchemy of food in order to cultivate a even more stronger Body-Energy-Spirit connection in which to achieve longevity and immortality.

Taoism is one of the most complete of all human philosophies, as most of Taoist wisdom can be considered to be common sense. 

The root answer to longevity is to take the time to explore and live according to our own nature cultivating all the 3 Treasures of Life: Jing (Essence/Body-Mind), Chee (Energy), and Shen (Spirit) which are the precious gifts of Tao and that they are associated to human existence.

Taoists way to achieve longevity and immortality is wide and impossible to generalize given that it includes a personal journey of discovery of the perfect balance of the 3 Gifts of Tao along the way, Treasures (Jing, Chee and Shen) which are in different “configuration” in each of us.

The only way to biscover the gifts of Tao and their secrets is putting concepts into practice, in order to be leaded by the great Cosmic Tao itself toward other mysteries and realizations.

Eight Simple and Fundamental Secrets (Teachings) to Taoist Longevity to Practice Everyday

The following eight secrets are a starting point to help and to give an idea of why taoism as practice gives a way and leads to a longer healthier life. However, much more exists and must be personally explored, understood and cultivated.

The First Secret to Taoist Longevity Concerns the Personal Attitude of not Predefining Age or Limits to our Nature

The Teaching is about to Live Fully and Actively every Moment of our Life. Every Life should Be Rich and Full of Experiences and Discoveries. The Great Cosmic Tao is the Way to Achieve this Precious Attitude and Lifestyle.

The Second Secret about a Longevity Practice is about Eating Well

There is a saying in our culture: We are What we Eat. Translated: If we Eat Junk Food, we Become Junk. 

Taoism Says that Correlation of Quality of Life to Diet is one of the Most Simple and Direct. Despite Taoism Diet Teachings are quite Complex and Articulated everyone can use Good Common Sense to Choose their own Feeding.

The Third Secret is about the Commitment to Lifestyle Improvement According to our own Nature

Too many Distractions, too Many Goals, too many Ideals and Philosophies, so many Desires, so many Expectations, so many Different Visions etc Can Create an Overload and Blocks of Flowing in each of us. Here the Teaching is about Learning to Apply Discernment in our Activities According to our own Personal Nature.

The Fourth Secret to Taoist Longevity is Exercise

Many of Tao Teachings are around this Subject: It is Important to have a Physical Practice and it Critical to Keep the Body Moving and Subtle.

The Fifth Secret to Taoist Longevity is Attitude

“A Taoist Master Dances Through Life and Doesn’t Fight Life or his Own Body” Taoist Wisdom

The Teaching is about doesn’t Treat our Body-Mind-Spirit as an Opponent or as Something that Must be Denied or Repressed, at Risk of Limiting Life. It doesn’t Mean to Nourish and Follow Opposite/Negative Forces and/or Instincts, reather it Means to Be Aware of them.

In Fact, To Practice Excessive Resistance Could Lead just Toward a Loss of Life Force, Rather the Right Attitude Concern the Understanding of the Opponents and the Teachings of the Life in Order to Modify our Attitude and to Flow Better Trough Life in Accordance with the Three Treasures of Life.

The Sixth Secret to Taoist Longevity is Having a Spiritual Practice

We are more than a Body and a Mind. Each Person is a Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Spirit can Defined within the Choices that leads our Actions toward our Living. To Develop a Spiritual Practice should be a Support to Keep both the Mind and the Body in Balance with Each Other. Every Person should Find Peace in Having a Spiritual Practice that is in Harmony with their own Nature. All Taoist’s Have a Healthy, Spiritual Practice that is the Understanding of the Way of Tao.

The Seventh Secret to Taoist Longevity is to Avoid Addictions 

Addiction is a Process of Self-Destruction that Destroy the Balance between the Gifts of Tao. Described in Taoist Simple Terms: Addictions are a Modality to Empty Spaces with Something External to our Nature that Includes all the Kind of Addictions.

The Eighth and Final Secret to Taoist Longevity Must Be Kept as a Secret.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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