The Correct Use of the Will According to Yoga Sutras and Quantum Physic

According to the Sutras, the Proper use of Will is a Continuous Right Effort to “Move the Mind Forward” Following the Flow of our Original Goals and Purposes.

This Mindset can Produces a sense of Security and Extraordinarily Determination where the main Goal in the Here and Now is just the Non-Attachment to Physical Manifestations that Could Hook our Mind to Distractions.

Is Entering in a State of “Beyond Body-Mind Distractions,” and looking for a Willful Focus and Attention that our Spiritual Consciousness/Highest-Self can Intervene and Guide us to further Steps sometimes apparently Miraculous but Explainable by the Modern Quantum Physic) to Acquise the Force can to accomplish the Realization of further Accomplishments and Distances.

Only by simply Focusing on AUM, Chanting the Word, and Reflecting upon its Meaning, “the Plan of Creation is Unfolded.” 

Obstacles to Reaching this Spiritual Mind State Could include Physical and Mental Weakness, but even more Importantly, Doubt, Inability to Rationalize/Unreasonableness, Laziness, Attachment to the Senses, and a “Refusal to use the Will to Maintain a State of Meditative Detachment.” 

Control of our Mental Activities, which Tend to be rather Capricious and Dispersive, Can be Obtained through Conscious Practice of Will and Unrivaled Focus of Attention on the Present, not the Past or the Future by Practicing Regularly Meditation or Active Attention on our Thoughts and on our Usual Unconscious Reactions.

Always According to the Most of Sutra Teachings (as an Example Yoga Sutras of Patanjali/one of the Foundational Texts of Classical Yoga Philosophy) Everything that we See in this Material World is an Illusion only the Experience that We Decide to Live Totally Present to Ourselves (Body-Mind-Emotions) and our Will is Real.

The ultimate Goal of the Mastery of our Will is to Recognize that we are not our Impermanent Thoughts or our Desires. As one Progresses in Recognizing and Detaching from Temporary Desires, more one Begins to Attain true Inner Peace, and this Ultimately is what Brings our Conscious in touch with the Divine.

The Goal of all of this is to Achieve Cosmic Consciousness, in which all perceptions of Limitation is Removed and a Real State of Freedom is Achievable.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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