The Chakras: Gateways to the World

The simple Definition of Chakras is “The Energy Wheels of the Body.” The word ‘Chakra’ has its Roots in the Vedic Teachings of Ancient India. It is a Sanskrit word that means the “Wheel of Light”. Chakras are Energy Centers that are in every Human Being and also in Animals.  

The Understanding of Chakras is very important as a First Step to Improve our Awareness about our hidden Life-Changing Energies and to Enhance our Inner Powers for our Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing. 

The Energetic Wheels are Constantly Turning and Supplying Energy to our Entire Being. According to Vedic Philosophy, it is through the Chakras that we Receive and Download Universal Energy, Wisdom and Intelligence which is Consistently Flowing into us from the Source. These Energetic Centers (Connected to our Etheric Bodies) are not Visible to the Human Eye, with the Exception of the Physical Body and our Electromagnetic Field in determinate Light Conditions. 

We Need to Know the Existence of this Bodies in order to Appreciate our Hidden Energies and to be Able to Correct Chakra imbalances and also tap these Hidden Energies or Powers for a Peaceful, Productive and Fulfilling Existence. Through the Conscious Connecting with these Energy Centers and Understanding their Role and Functioning, it is Possible to Achieve new Spiritual Awareness and to have Access to new Experiences, Comprehending more about Ourselves, the World and the multiple Spiritual Meanings of our Life.

The Chakras are Formed when Three Energy Channels Converge to each Other. The Central Energy Channel is called Sushumna. The Channel on the Right is called Pingala and the one on the left is called Ida. Ida and Pingala run Parallel to the Spinal cord in your Physical Body.

Each Chakras Absorb and Collect Life Force Energy (also known as Ki or Prana) and then Transform it and Pass it on through our Physical Body and toward the Outside World.

Scientists have Confirmed that there is a Universal Healing Force which is an Intrinsic part of the Human Being’s Body. They can Measure the Bio-Electromagnetic Force Fields being Generated by the Body. Bio-ElectroMagnetic Field is a Principle of Magnetism that one Force Field Interacts with another in a process called Induction.

“Chakras can be Developed like Muscles, Programmed like a Sophisticated Computer, nurtured like a Seed, or Closed like a Book” Anodea Judith. 

While there are many Minor Chakras in the Body, the Major Ones along our Physical Body  are Seven and these are Associated with Seven Regions of the Body; the Top of the Head or ‘Crown’, the Forehead, the Throat, the Chest, the Navel, the Lower Stomach and the Base of the Spine. 

If the Flow of Energy Through the Chakras is Open and Uninterrupted, we are Healthy and Balanced. By Grounding ourselves and Being Aware of how we Acquire and Spend our Energy, we can Balance our Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Bodies just Rebalancing our Main Chakras.

Each Chakra is also Associated with a Frequency manifested as a Color, which is used in Visual Representations of the Chakra and in Treatment of Chakra Imbalances. These Colors are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. 

Each Center of Energy, Vortex, or Chakra, in the Body, is Related to a Physical Region of the Body, such as an Organ or Biological System, as well as to certain Emotions and Spiritual Activities. 

The Major 7 Chakras

Muladhara: the First Chakra or Root Chakra.

Its Color is Red, the Color that Represents our Personal Power as Human Being, Physical Strength, Vitality (Life Force), Logic and Realistic Thinking. This Chakra defines our Relationship with the Earth. The First Chakra allows us to Live with Courage exploring our inner Forces, Resourcefulness and the Sense of Aliveness. It Connects us with Spiritual Energies of our Family, Ancestors and to our Past Lives.

The Root Chakra is Connected with the Sense of Smell within the body, and it is linked to our Sexuality and the Gland known as Gonads (Gonads are the Reproductive Glands that Produce Sex Hormones).

Svadhisthana: the Second Chakra or Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is most commonly Represented with the color Orange. The Orange of the Second Chakra is Translucent and has a Transparent Quality like the Water, the Element that Represents this Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is Associated with the Realm of Emotions and of Creativity. It is the Center of our Feelings and Sensations and it Plays a Fundamental Role to Govern our Sexuality and the Expression of our Sensual and Sexual Desires. Through a work of Rebalancing of this Chakra we are able to Handle our Baser Instincts and Transform them in Sublimed Creative Energy.

Manipura: the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus.

The Color of Third Chakra is Yellow and it Represents our Ability to be Confident, Content, Satisfied, Joyful, Motivated, Caring about Ourselves and to Be in Control of our Lives and Energies. The Manipura is Located Slightly Above the Navel and It is related to the Stomach, Liver, Pancreas and Gall Bladder of our Physical Body.

The Manipura is Associated with the Fire Element and our Sense of Sight. When over-Active, it can be Self-Absorbed and Egotistical and a Control Freak. On the other Hand an Underactive Chakra can Conduit the Individual to Develop Poor Self-Worth and to Feel Like a Martyr.

Anahata: the Fourth Chakra, or Heart Chakra.

Anahata Means “the One Which is not Hurt.” or “the Unhurt/Untouched”. The Healing Color Associated to this Chakra is Green and it is Located in the Center of the Chest. This Chakra Govern the Love for Oneself and for Others. It is about Relationships, Compassion, Forgiveness, and the ability to Donate and be at a State of Peace.

The Energy of a Balanced Anahata Chakra Should Guide us to Dwell Longer in its Inexhaustible Treasures of Delightful Feelings and Experiences: Just as love is Infinite, so also is this Chakra and the Energies that it can Radiate and Handle Alchemically.

It is Located in the Region of the Heart, in the Centre of the Chest, and this is Why it is also Known as the Heart Centre.

“In the Centre of the Body there is a Little Shrine Surrounded by a Wall with Eleven Doors. Hidden Within the Shrine a Lotus Blossoms, and Within this there is a Tiny, Little Room.” Chandogya Upanishad 

Vishuddha: the Fifth Chakra or Throat Chakra

The Color of Fifth Chakra is Blue and it is Located on the Throat area. It is the center of Communication, Creativity, and Self-Expression. In the Physical Body it Controls the Throat, Arms, Shoulders, and the Thyroid Gland.

It is the last of the Chakras to be Associated with an Element: the Ether. As Physical Sense it is Associated to the Sense of  Hearing. An Excessively Active Vishuddha will make us Judgmental, Controlling, and Hurtful our your speech. A deficient Chakra will Make us Silent or Makes it Difficult for us to Express Ourselves, our Will and our Creativity.

Anja: the Sixth Chakra or Third Eye

Anja means Command, Knowledge, Wisdom and its Color is Violet.

In the Anja Chakra is where occurs the Development of where our Wisdom and Humanity is Completed giving us the Possibility to Reach the Bridge to Divine Consciousness. 

It is Located at the Upper end of the Spinal Column, at the Point of Transition from the Spine to the Brain. Its Radiation is, however, Primarily Perceptible in the Centre of the Forehead Between the Eyebrows. Therefore, it is also known as the “Eyebrow Centre” or “Third Eye”. Another Expression to Define the Anja Chakra is “Guru Chakra , the Seat of the Master”.

Sahasrara: the Seventh Chakra or Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra is Located at the Top of the Head. This is Associated with Enlightenment and it is our Connecting Center to the our higher Spirit and Spiritual Reams. The Color associated to this Chakra is Purple/White Translucent.

Physically, it Regulates the Pineal Gland, the Right Eye, and the Upper side of our Brain.

When Overactive, we could become an Egomaniac or a Cult Leader. When Underactive, we could have a Lack in Spiritual Inspiration and Be Blocked in other Upper Chakras.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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