The Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read at least a Book every Month

Have you Read a Good Book during the last Month? You Should Read at least one Book at Month to Have Benefits from the Reading Activity. The Benefits of Reading may go beyond Entertainment and Relax.

Reading can Improve Valuable Skills, and even Increasing various Aspects of Cognitive Performances.

The Benefits are many, which is especially Important in a Distracted, Multitasking, Social Media Age. Reading literally Creates new Grey Matter in the Brain, which Improves System-Wide communication (New Synapses).

Reading Improves Memory 

Reading Activity Helps to Preserve and Improve the Memory. Neuroscientists discovered that Reading Activity can Improve Brain Functions on a variety of Levels. This Study on the brain benefits of Reading has been conducted by Emory University (about Novels Reading).

Cognitive Activities, such as Reading  can help Keep the Mind Sharper for Longer while Staving off Memory Loss. Every Time we Read we Create new Memories and this Process Creates new Synapses and Strengthens Existing Ones. Another Study showed Similar Results, including that Reading Could even Prevent Alzheimer.

Reading helps to Develop Good Analytical Skills

Strengthen Analytical Skills will serve us Throughout our life on both a Professional and Personal Level. To Develop Analytical Skills means to Enhance the Ability to Think Step-by-Step to Develop an overall Conclusion, Answer or Solution. Practicing an Active Reading, also Analytical Skill Improves given that we Learn to Questions and Engage both the Brain Hemisphere in Higher Thinking: it is a very Important and Effective Training for Empower a Problem Solving Attitude.

Reading Promotes Vocabulary Enhancement

Reading in the Mother Tongue Language or in a Foreign Language has enormous Benefits, in fact Reading helps to Improve the Vocabulary, Making it easer to Remember new Words, because the Contest in which they are used Helps to Develop New and Stronger Connections in the Memory.

Reading Supports Concentration Improvement

Reading Helps to avoid Multitasking and to Enhance Concentration and Focus on the Activity that we are Performing. While we are Reading we are Profoundly Involved in the Argument of the Book and Distractions has less Power on us: as Reinforcement of this Benefit it is very Useful to Schedule and to set a Timing for the Reading Activity.

Reading Inspires New Ideas 

Actively Reading about Technical and Learning Material in Subject Areas outside of our Knowledge, gives us the Opportunity to Stay on Track and to be Inspired by new Ideas. Reading from Academic Journal Articles, for example, Ensures us to Gain a New and Wider Perspective. The Ideas of others also Prompts us to Question the Way we do Things, and can Lead us to Revision of our own Points of View.

Reading Favors Relaxation

Reading can Reduce Stress. Academic Researches have Observed that Reading helps to Relax because the Human Mind has to stay Concentrate on Reading and Take the Distraction out from the “Written World”. Even Six Minutes of Reading a Day can be enough to Reduce Stress Levels by more than a Half!

Author: Cristina Capucci

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