10 Pro-Active Activities to Develop a Positive Attitude

Cultivate a truly and genuine positive mindset in order to improve the quality of life is possible for everyone.

Developing the right thoughts is not about being constantly enthusiastic, happy or cheerful, and it’s not about ignoring problems, situations anything negative or unpleasant in our life or calling things with other names. Rather it’s about incorporating both the positive and negative into a new perspective and choosing to still be generally optimistic.

Cultivating attitude also involves the capacity to develop specific traits of personality founded on concrete and positive values such as acceptance, kindness, compassion, self-awareness, personal integrity, resilience, constancy, optimism, autonomy, altruism and many other facets.

10 Pro-Active Activities to Develop a Positive Attitude 

  1. Check regularly your internal dialogue or ”attitude talk”, and challenge that critical inner voice in order to build more space for authentic happiness in your life.
  2. Express your gratitude for all the good things and accomplishment in your life. Appreciate them, bless them and write them down in a gratitude diary to help you remember.
  3. Learn to meditate regularly. Mindfulness basic meditation practice is founded on the breathe and learning to breath deeply, slowly and mindfully making possible to transport our thoughts and mind to a positive, tranquil and peaceful Place.
  4. Don’t live according to a label because labels just can come from others and from yourself. Rather learn to be a good critical observer of your behaviors and attitude. Everyone has positive and negative traits of personality. So simply be authentic on the way to become the best version of yourself. Once that you have recognized the aspects of your personality, step by step cultivate the only the traits that you love more and that make you feel the human being you desire to be and to become.
  5. Be engaged in positive activities like reading, writing, developing your creativity and thinking capability, playing an instrument, playing a sport, jogging, walking or whatever other activities you enjoy.
  6. Listen to good music. Predilige classic music, rhythms and music/frequencies at 432 Hz (in accordance with nature). Music has the unique ability to enter in resonance with our Electromagnetic Field to put us in a Positive state of mind, cleaning away negative thoughts. It is scientifically proven.
  7. Take back control on your life and stay focused of the things you want and can change and put in the right effort required to actually change, but also learn to accept the things you cannot control and change.
  8. Be kind on with yourself. Don’t push to much yourself when you feel distressed; everyone have negative moments or drops of energy, rather stay focused to recharge and to find the force to pursue your goals.
  9. Pay attention on what you eat, and ensure that you your diet includes healthy food that will contribute to a healthy body and to a positive mind.
  10. Embrace changes. Whatever happen, welcomed or not, accept everything as happened. Don’t ignore the reality in order to be positive all the time, reather make an effort to reflect on situations and the changes you are facing and step outside of your comfort zone to pursue new positive actions in the present moment.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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