Sustainability and Indigenous Mindset. What Should We Learn from Them about our Relationships with the Environment? Ten Cultural and Eco-Centric Indigenous Quotes

The way we Perceive the world and the Environment shape the way we Enter in Relationship with it. My Opinion to Develop a New Mindset inspired by Cultural-Centric and Eco-Centric Values is necessary to Integrate an Authentic Sense of Sustainability in our Daily Life.

The Understanding of indigenous Spiritual and Environmental values Could be a Help to Develop and Integrate a Sustainable Mindset  and Lifestyle as Individuals 

Indigenous cultures Could also provide Inspiration for New Visions also to Business, Institutions and Governments: multicultural Systems that Need even More New Dynamic Models of Management to Evolve in a Multicultural Society. 

Be Inspired by these Cultural and EcoCentric Indigenous Quotes to Develop a Deeper Personal Relationship with the Environment and the Mother Earth.

“A Rights-Based approach to Landscape Development means Restoring our Understanding of these Sacred Responsibilities to the Environment.” 

Janene Yazzie, Navajo, Native American

“Treat the Earth Well: it was not given to you by your Parents, it was loaned to you by your Children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Native American Proverb

“The Relationship between Native Nations and their Environment is Sacred. It is the Foundation of their Cultures and Worldview.”

U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Akaka, Native Hawaiian

“The Land is my Mother. Like a Human Mother, the Land Gives us Protection, Enjoyment and provides our Needs: Economic, Social and Religious. We have a Human Relationship with the Land: Mother, Daughter, Son. When the Land is Taken from us or Destroyed, we Feel Hurt because we Belong to the Land and we are Part of it.”

Djinyini Gondarra Australian Aboriginal 

“So I take this Word Reconciliation and I Use it to Reconcile People Back to Mother Earth, so they can Walk this Land Together and Heal one Another because she’s the One that Gives Birth to Everything we See Around us, Everything we Need to Survive.”

Max Dulumunmun Harrison, Australian Aboriginal 

“This Earth, I never Damage. I look after. Fire is nothing, just Clean Up. When you Burn, new Grass Coming up. That means Good Animal soon, might be Goanna, Possum, Wallaby. Burn him off, New Grass Coming up, New Life all over.”

Bill Neidjie, Australian Aboriginal quote

“Thousands of Years ago, Civilizations Flourished in Africa which Suffer not at all by Comparison with those of other Continents. In those Centuries, Africans were Politically Free and Economically Independent. Their Social Patterns were their Own and their Cultures truly Indigenous.”

Haile Selassi, the Last Ethiopian Emperor.

“An Awareness of our past is Essential to the Establishment of our Personality and our Identity as Africans.”

Haile Selassi, the Last Ethiopian Emperor.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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