Suggested Reading: The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

Suggested Reading: The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

About the Book 

This book is definitely a classic and one of the bases for who desires to cultivate a proper culture around personal development subject and to improve a personal toolbox of self-help strategies.

Dr. Peale’s Iconic Book Can Be Defined the Quintessential of Self-Help, Being One of the most Helpful of Early Modern Books after Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, around the Topic of Positive Thinking and Self-Development.

Published in the 1950s, Dr. Peace’s Work has Shaped the Mindset of two Generations and of Millions of People and it has Became a Trailblazer for an Entire Self-Improvement Industry.

In this Book The Power of Positive Thinking, Peale explains his Personal Attitude to Problem-Solving and Caring Yourself and He Promotes the use of the New Testament and Prayer Suggesting, not as a Preacher, but mainly Presenting the Faith in God as a Sort of Science able to Shape our Mindset in Positive.

About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) was the Pastor for 52 years of New York City’s Marble Collegiate Church, the oldest Protestant Organization in North America founded in 1628 (Marble Collegiate Church, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale). He has Been a Prolific Author who Extensively wrote Books and Articles on Spirituality, Personal Development and “self-help.”

Peale has Been also a Prolific Motivational Speaker. He is widely Remembered for Insightful Quotes on Spirituality and Self-Esteem and did Speaking Engagements right up until he was 95 Years Old.

The Power of Positive Thinking. Summary

Positive Thinking is such a Base of Self-Improvement Philosophy and Nowadays is Possible to Read about it Everywhere. To Learn the Power of Positive Thinking is a Useful Strategy for anyone is looking for Space and Time to Learn the Fundamental Life Lessons that are Critical for Acquiring a more Functional, Self-Confident, Optimistic and Resolutive Mindset in every Given Moment 

While Similar Theories have Been Proposed for Thousands of years Starting Exactly from eternal Teachings such as the Ones proposed by the Gospels, Positive Thinking is a Evergreen Critical Strategy to Mature a Better Quality of Life in a Chaotic Modern World. 

Adopting a proper Positive Thinking Attitude the “Risk” is to Meet more Serenity, Happiness, Success, and Inner Peace into Everyone’s Existence.

Through Positive Thinking, People can Learn the Ability to Change their Attitude in front of Negative Happenings and Setbacks Reframing  the Opinion around them and Creating a New Points of View able to Inspire Joy and Success. 

This Capability Requires to Stop any Negative Thought Pattern that in a Determined Moment is Creating Stress and Frustration, Starting to Expect the best Outcome in any Situation of Life, not Visualizing an Overthrow but Learning to Take Time to Relax. 

Ten Take-Aways

Self Esteem and Believing in oneself is Crucial to the Mindset needed to Achieve Success and lasting Happiness.

Everyone can Create one own Realization and happiness, which Starts in every Individual Mind Nourished with Positive Thoughts.

Inner Streght and Peace, which can Be done Developing the Practice of prayer as a Meditation and practicing Faith in God, can create even more Positive Mindsets for who don’t Believe in God.

The Daily Practice of Silence is yet Another Path toward Having a Peaceful Mind.

One Powerful Asset of Positive Thinking is Visualization. If a Person Visualizes a Happy and Successful Scenario, then it could be more likely to Happen.

It is Fundamental to Stay in Touch with our own Inner Child Energy, the Authentic Happy Spirit which is Alive in each Person from Youth to Adulthood. Children are very adept at Happiness Compared with Adults, and their example of how to Appreciate the Simple, most purely Real things in Life that are most Important to Happiness should be Closely Emulated by the Grown-Up Individuals.

Peale Offers Deep Reflections about the Connection between modern Psychology techniques and theories with Christian Spiritual Beliefs. This Comparison offers an interesting and Atheist Met between Modern self-help Philosophy and the secular religious Paths that Can Be useful to Overcome Prejudices and to Work Individually on Personal Limiting Beliefs. 

Negative Thinking can Generate Mental or Emotional Uneasiness, which, over Time, can Manifest as Physical Symptoms that can Negatively impact Physical Wellbeing and Performance.

Positive Thinking Means to Develop an Attitude that doesn’t Believe in Overthrow as a Possibility, and that Perceives Obstacles in Life not as Roadblocks or Degenerating Setbacks, Rather as Challenges to Be Overcome.

Choose to be Happy, Deliberately. Peale Suggests that if Someone just Made the Decision to be Happy, than they Would Be Able to Get Through Life’s Struggles much Easier.

Ten of my Favorite Quotes by Norman Vincent Peale

“Your World is Nothing more than the Thoughts you have about your Experiences”.

”Change your Thoughts and you Change your World”

”The Way to Happiness: Keep your Heart Free from Hate, your Mind from Worry. Live Simply, Expect Little, Give Much. Fill your life with Love. Scatter Sunshine. Forget Self, Think of Others. Do as you Would be Done by. Try this for a Week and you will be Surprised.”

”Empty Pockets never held Anyone Back. Only Empty Heads and Empty Hearts can Do That.”

”Shoot for the Moon. Even if you Miss, you’ll Land Among the Stars.”

”Let Nothing Trouble you Let Nothing Worry you Everything Passes away Expect God God Alone is Sufficient.”

”Believe it is Possible to Solve your Problem. Tremendous things Happen to the Believer. 

So Believe the Answer will Come. It Will.”

”When you get up in the Morning, you have two Choices, either to be Happy or to be Unhappy. Just Choose to be Happy.”

”Enthusiasm Spells the Difference Between Mediocrity and Accomplishment.”

”Optimism, when Applied to your Life, Develops Strength and Peace within You.”

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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