Start and Devolop an Evening Routine. Set You Up for a High-Energy and Focused Tomorrow

Start and Devolop an Evening Routine. Set You Up for a High-Energy and Focused Tomorrow.

Having a Proper Evening Routine is as Important as your Morning Routine, because Mastering your Evening Schedule will Set you up for a High-Energy and Focused Tomorrow.

Win Your Day

Take the Habit to Map Day by Asking, “What Good Did I do Today?” 

The Wins Space Allows you Take Stock of your Day and Unapologetically Enjoy about how Awesome you Did. 

No Expectations or Thoughts of Doing Better only What you Did Well to Make a Honest Point of Situation. 

Even if it was going to the Gym or to Finish a Paper or Making that Phone Call you had been Avoiding, this is a way to Record all the Positive Accomplishments, Big and Small. Making a Daily Habit of Telling yourself the Great Things you Accomplished will grow your Confidence in your Abilities and Improve your Relationship with Yourself (and others).

Map the Day: Focus on the Accomplishments the Lesson Learned

The Main Goals to Map the Day during the Evening Routine is to Prime the Mind toward the Positive and Concreteness. Reflect about the Daily Accomplished Tasks, the HOWs and the Eventual Lessons Learned is an Opportunity for Reflection also on What did not Go as Well as Expected and an opportunity to Improve on that Area in the Future. 

What will Be Different Tomorrow?

Good Questions Asked at the End of each Day  Step by Step will Help you see the Opportunities for Future Possible Improvements and Opportunities for the Day After.

Practice Gratitude

Take a few Minutes Before you Sleep to Write down Three Things you were Grateful for from that Day. Much the Same as the Morning Gratitude, this is about to Conclude the Day with Positive Thoughts. this Small Habit will also Improves your Quality of Sleep.

Gratitude Works (Suggested Reading), In fact as Observed in Dr. Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough’s Researchers on people with Neuromuscular disorders, after Making them to Write a List of Things about they were Grateful for before to Sleep, after only Three Weeks, Participants Reported a more Refreshing and Longer Sleep.

By taking a few Minutes for Gratitude and Focusing on the Positive, you are Keeping away or Overwriting the Worried and the Negative Thoughts of the Day.

Schedule Tomorrow 

And Now that have You Closed Today, Find Five/Ten Minutes to Schedule Tomorrow.

The just Finished Overview on the Past Day will Help You to Be More Focused and Precise around what you Need to Accomplish the Day After Including also the Incomplete Tasks in a more Fuctional Way.

The Scheduling Tomorrow Will Be so Easy to Surprise You about how Immediate is to Recognize the Most Importart Tasks to Accomplish the Day After on the Way of the Achievement of your Goals.

Sleep Well

Too many People Today are in a State of Sleep Deprivation, driven by Technology. Research Shows that the Blue Light Emitted by our Devices Reduces Levels of Melatonin (the Chemical that Induces Sleep. Being in Front of a Screen before Sleep Could Limit you from Sleeping Properly, so Turn off your Technology at least 2 Hours before to Go to Sleep. Spend the Rest of the Evening Talking and Cuddling with your Loved One, Meditating, Having a Relaxing Bath or Reading and Go to Bed no later than Midnight.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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