Start Today a Digital Detox! Unplug from Technology

Many people are so addicted of geing “Online” that they cannot imagine how successfully disconnecting.

Statistics talks about very worrying habits: a normal person watch the phone around 2,617 times a day. The scariest stat is that 87% of people surveyed check their phone at least once between midnight and 5:00 a.m.

The American Psychological Association has identified people who do this as “Constant Checkers.” in a survey of americans’ related to technology and stress levels, the APA found that 65% of respondents acknowledged that taking a “Digital Detox” is important, but only 28% of those actually is starting by turning off and taking a break from their devices.

The benefits of taking a break from technology at least one day during the week are numerous and they include lower stress, rejuvenation of the skin, more creativity and new ideas, more contact with the nature and need of it and better general levels of wellness.

In fact being online give us just the illusion to be connected to the world, but in reality technology is just a lens that can falsified our perception of relationships with others and with ourselves and it has created a new need to share our lives every second of the day stepping into an unconscious multitasking attitude adding stress to our daily life

Start Today a Digital Detox! Unplug from Technology. 

Lower your Level of Stress and Anxiety

Too much of anything is bad for everyone. The same happens for technology. Psychological researches has shown a positive link between immoderate technology use and anxiety. Anxiety is tied to the dopamine release we get when we receive stimulants like social media notifications or text messages. This, in turn, encourages pleasure-seeking or validation-seeking behavior, which creates an environment for mental distress.

Enjoy Quality Time with your Friends, Family or your Beloved One

When you don’t have internet and phone access you have the possibility to be focused on those you care and enjoy their staying close to you. You can pay more attention to what other people are saying and you give more meaning to the time spent with those you care about.

Be more Present

Another benefit to have moments during which you keep your phone off is that it will allow you to establish more presence toward the present moment. If you have ever sat in front someone at the dinner table who keep the eye contact to the phone, you might know exactly what I’m talking about. Cell Phones and other technological stuff allow people to look away from their surroundings, giving them a closed off and inaccessible demeanor. A digital detox has the potential of forcing you out of that unhealthy comfort zone where is possible to stay always busy away.

Increase Work Productivity

Although technological advancements have increased a concrete progress of many companies, it has been noticed that employees are spending too much time on technology. studies show that in average the 60% of office workers waste at least a third of the day checking personal social media pages, and responding to text messages lowering their levels of effective productivity.

If you are a freelance be honest and calculate how much time you spend by checking your social media channels and scrolling through your pics, or chatting with a friend. Taking a break from technology will show just how much time you waste on it. During the breaks dedicate more time to simple “offline” activities such as to read a book or meditating.

Nowadays technology is incredibly important in our life and the benefits are huge in so many aspects of everyday life. However, being able to “unplug” is the key to keep back the control of our lives and to stay more genuinely in contact with the world around us and our precious “inner world”.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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