Slow Mindful Living: a Modern Lifestyle & an Ancient Philosophy

While a Mindful Living Includes a Slow Living Mindset a Slow Living Lifestyle is a Less Ruled and Skills or Meditation Oriented Way, but it is a even more Diffuse Positive Lifestyle in our Modern Society. Anyway Slow and Mindful Living go Hand in Hand you can’t really have one Without the Other.

Slow Living is about Living Slowly, in whatever and however way that Means to us. It’s about Knowing and Passionately Loving the Things we Value, that Really Matter to us and Scheduling our Lives to Spend the most time Possible Practicing and Enjoying them. 

Slow Mindful Living It’s about Nourishing our Daily Activities with Clear Intents, Awareness, Presence and Consciousness and Escaping the Mindless Scrolling, Procrastinating and/or Unproductive Multi-Tasking and Focusing on Purposeful Actions.

Slow Mindful Living means Designing Life around deeper Meanings Addressing the Desire to Lead a more Balanced Life and to Pursue a more Holistic Sense of Well-being in the Fullest Sense of the Word.

What Does Slow Mindful Living Concern?

Here 10 Basic Characteristics 

• Slow Mindful Living is a Specific lifestyle directed to Form a State of Mind,  Being and Consciousness: a Reflective Approach, and Methodical Process to Daily Life

• Slow Mindful Living is a Purposeful and Fulfilling Behavior 

• Slow Mindful Living Concerns Nourishing, Savoring the Minutes instead of Counting them

• Slow Mindful Living is Holistic, timeless, and based on Ancient Wisdom and Spirituality

• Slow Mindful Living is about Creating Inner Peace, being Steady and Consistent

• Slow Mindful Living is about Well-Being and Doing Everything as Well as Possible instead of as Fast as Possible avoiding Multitasking

• Slow Mindful Living is an Integral and Natural Way of Living focused on Personal Development

• Slow Mindful Living is about Generating more Balance, State of Ease, Wellness, and Low Stress in the Daily Life

• Slow Mindful Living is a Healthy Connection with Ourselves and the World

• Slow Mindful Living is about Finding a Deep Sense of Contentment in every Present Moment

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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