Six Core Human Needs to Lead a Purposeful Life

Learning to Live our Purpose is a Great Spiritual Exercise, and an “Inside” Job:  It requires to Recognize our Authentic Needs and Desires and Cross Step by Step the Line of our Limiting Beliefs to Fulfill them at Best of our Capabilities and According to our Values.

Everyone Has Purposes. Every Soul on this Planet is arrived here with “Multililevel” Purposes to Accomplish. Every State of Consciousness and Personal Growth Permit us to Access to each Specific Awareness according to our Needs in the Here and Now.

What are your Needs Here and Now?  The Six Core Human Needs are Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection, Growth and Contribution. Identify your Need To Walk at Best your Life and Realize your Personal Vision of Success.

According to the Human Needs Psychology Applied by Tony Robbins (American Top Life Coach and Business Strategist and my Mentor) all of us are Driven by the Need to Fulfill Six Core Human Needs.

At different Phases of Life and Personal Development we naturally Value different Needs for different Reasons. A Fullfilled and Successful Life presupposes a Positive balance between all six of these Human Needs.

The Six Human Needs are:

1 Certainty/Comfort. It is about the Level of Certainty in our Life into a Contest. This helps us to minimize different stresses given by the “normal” Life uncertaintiesand to have a Stable Ground to Walk our Life and to Make Better Decisions.

2 Uncertainty/Variety. We all need Surprises and Unpredictability in Life. If we Would Experience the same Degree of Certainty every single Day we would Risk to fall down into Boredom/Tedion (that could be degenerate into Depression). 

3 Significance. This is the Need of Feeling Unique, Important, Special or Needed

4 Love and Connection. This is the Need to Experience a Strong Feeling of Closeness or Union with Someone or Something (it could be a Social Cause)

5 Growth. This Need is about to Learn, Experience, and Grow Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually in different Ways throughout our Life

6 Contribution. This an Inner Call to Serve. People who need to Contribute are Focused on Helping, Giving to and to Become a Support to Others

Growth and Contribution are Considered also “Spiritual Needs”, that can Be Linked to our Higher Purposes.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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