Silence is a Natural Organizer

Silence is a Natural Organizer. 

Spend Time in Silence Clearing your Mind of Thoughts and Be fully in your Personal Zone “of Nothing”. Taking Time to Be Silent does Offer many Benefits. To be Really Effective you Would Need to Schedule it, as a Proper Mindful Practice. 

Practicing Silence, Thoughts become less Self-Critical and you’ll Naturally Generate deeper Ideas and Solutions, you’ll Empty and Clarify your Thoughts and Your Thinking Patterns. 

“Practicing Silence to Empty all Kinds of Noise within You is not a Difficult Practice. With some Training, you can do it. In Noble Silence, you can Walk, you can Sit, you can Enjoy your Meal. When you have that Kind of Silence, you have Enough Freedom to Enjoy Being Alive and to Appreciate all the Wonders of Life. With that Kind of Silence you are more Capable of Healing yourself, Mentally and Physically. You have the Capacity to be, to be there, Alive. “ Thich Nhat Hanh

(Excerpt from: “Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise” by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Furthermore when we’re not Distracted by Noises or Business, Silence Helps our Brain to Relax and Think about Profound Things in a more Imaginative Way.

Time Spent in Intentional Silence can Help us to Reveal the Structure of our Purposes and to Unfold a more Fulfilled Life.

Many People Resist Connecting with their own Inner Silence. This Happens because they don’t Know what they could Find in that Space. 

If it that is your Case, be Trustful toward yourself: the more quiet Time you Learn to Spend in Silence during a Week, the less afraid you will Become about to Listen in Silence your Inner World.

Some Ideas about How to Be Silent in your Inner World

What about Dedicating from one Hour in your Week to One Day in a Month to a Silently Slow Activity only in the Presence of yourself?

This is an Informal Mindful Practice that can Teach you How to Interact with your Loudly Mind, Relax and How to Do One Thing at a Time. It isn’t a Meditative Practice, but a Silent Active Contemplation of your Inner World.

You Could Start this Practice Switching off your Phone and avoid to Control your Watch for one Hour (on Sunday for example) and Start a 1,000 pieces Puzzle during the same Day. Starting from an Unusual Activity it can Become easer to Identify the Inner Talk/Judge in your Mind that Observes your “Meaningful Loosing Time” until you are able to Do this in Silence for a whole Afternoon.

You Can Practice Silence also Taking a Long Slow Walk alone Through Nature or around your Neighborhood, or Taking a Long Uninterrupted Bath, or Having a Lonely Dinner without any Rush and Noises around you. 

Choose one of these Ideas or Invent your Favorite Silently Activity and Slowly Enjoy it from the Start to Finish at Least for One Hour of Practice a Week. 

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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