Self-Determination: Four Ways to Develop and Reinforce it

Self-Determination is an Important Piece of PsychoPhysical WellBeing that Permits us to Feel in Control of our own Lives and their Multiple Aspects.

In addition to this Idea of Controlling our own Destiny, there is a lot to Learn about Self-Determination from the field of Psychology, and we can Discover it through Self-Determination Theory.

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is a broad Theory of Human Personality and Motivation concerned with the Balance between the Personal Interiority and how a Person Interacts with and Depends on the Social Structure. 

SDT defines Intrinsic and Several types of Extrinsic Motivation that Move our Actions, the Strength through which we Response in different Situations and the Resilience toward the Path of Development of our Cognitive Development, Personality and Further Motivation.

SDT is centered on the 6 Basic Psychological Needs (Certainly, Uncertainty, Love and Connection, Significance, Growth and Contribution) Levels of Competence, Sense of Self-Direction, Performance, and WellBeing.

We all are Daily Influenced by Positive or Negative Internal and External Events, but more Stronger and Defined is our Self-Determination Map and more we are able to React and Move on along the Life with Motivation, Emotional Control and Cognitive Stability or Cognitive Development Capability.

How to Improve our Levels of Self-Determination?

  • Defining what Success means to us

It’s difficult to get where we Want to go without First Knowing where that is. Before we Initiate our Action Plan, it is Important Clearly Define to Ourselves what we really Need and According to our Needs define SMART Goals To Accomplish During the Path. We will Realize Immediately what Success  looks like to us.

  • Making a Commitment 

A Commitment Kept is a Prerequisite for every Success. Making a Commitment Means we make a Promise to Ourselves to keep going no matter what Happens. 

During the Path toward a Goal to Be Tired or to Fall is perfectly Okay. A True Commitment means we have eliminated any Possibility to Give Up. It Means we Keep going and we Keep working with Perseverance, Efficiency and Reliability toward us. This is one of the Best Ways to get Started and to Move on with Self-Determination.

  • Mapping Goals on a Timeline 

Goals are no good when they are Up-in-the-Air as an Evanescent Timeless Dream. Our Goals need to have a defined Death-Line to Transmit us a Sense of Fulfillment and Refill us Motivation toward the Next One, once They are Achieved. Mapping out a Timeline of how we would like our Goals to Progress and Chuck them in Smaller Steps is a Optimal Way to Continue to Reach them.

  • Reinforcing the Positive Beliefs about Ourselves

Human Being uses to Be his own Worst Critic, which is sometimes a Good Thing, but not when your Inner-Critic starts to Be a Negative Inner Talk. Many of us get into Situations where we listen a little too closely to our inner-Critics, and that can Create useless Self-Doubts. To Take under Control our Inner-Critic Level and I how it Works on our Motivational Levels is a very good Habit.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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