Schedule your Week in Order to Be more Consistent & Productive

As Soon as you Know of an Activity or Task, put it in your Agenda. We Cannot have Control on All the Events of our Lives but we can Develop a Productive and Time Management Attitude Setting our Intents and Goals at Best.

This will Prevent to Enter in the Habit of Running After all the Tasks all Day Long, Transforming the Days in Weeks and Months.

At the Beginning of the Week, Organize your Tasks and your To-Do List for the Week Ahead so you Know what you have Coming up that Week. 

Every Evening or Morning, Review what you have Scheduled that Day, and every Evening, review what you Accomplished and Look Ahead to the Next Day. 

Keeping Mentally Connected to your Schedule will Help you Avoid Multitasking Forgetting Things, Scheduling Activities too Close Together, or Being Unprepared for Meetings or other Important Events. Furthermore Scheduling your Activities is Functional for the Development of even more Good Habits.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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