Reiki is a powerful Energy Healing System that’s helps to Restore Balance and Harmony to Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit and to Activate the Human ability to Self-Heal.

Traditional Reiki how It is Known in our Western Culture has been “discovered” in 1922 in Japan by the Buddhist and Spiritual Researcher, Mikao Usui. His Teachings is living on through more than a million Reiki Practitioners across the globe and is offered as a Complementary Therapy to Traditional Medicine in over 1000 Hospitals worldwide as Pain and Stress Relief Tool.

The word Reiki can be broken up in two words: Rei – Universal Wisdom and Knowledge of the Universe and Ki – Life-Force Energy, which flows through and around every Living Thing. So Reiki is actually “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”.

A Treatment is Perceived as a wonderful glowing Radiance of Universal Intelligent Life Force that flows through and around the Receiver from the Hand Palms of the Reiki Operator. Reiki Energy treats the whole Person including Physical Body, Energetic Bodies, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

Reiki is also a Safe Method of Spiritual Healing, Self Improvement and Consciousness Awakening that  Everyone can Learn and Use. 

Reiki Energy Creates a Higher Balance in our Lives. Reiki is a Powerful Tool for the Spiritual Awakening.


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As Life Being we have Life Force of Ki (Prana) that is flowing through us. According to Eastern Tradition we have Life Force flows within the Physical Body though pathways called Chakras, Meridians and Nadi. This Energy also flows around us in a field of Energy called the Aura or Energetic Bodies. Life Force nourishes the Organs and Cells of the Body, supporting them in their Vital Functions. When this Flow of Life Force is limited, it causes diminished function in one or more of the Organs and Tissues of the Physical Body.

The Life Force is responsive to Thoughts and Feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either Consciously or Unconsciously, Limited Beliefs, Negative Thoughts or Feelings about ourselves. These Negative Thoughts and Feelings attach themselves to the Energy Field (Mental and Emotional Body) and cause a disruption in the Flow of Life Force. The Energy (the Informations) passes from the Energetic Bodies to the Physical Body diminishes the Vital Function of the Organs and Cells.

Reiki Energy is able to Rebalance our Energy by flowing and Integrating Energy where it misses, charging them with Positive Energy. Reiki also raises the Vibratory Level of the Energy Field in and around the Physical Body where the negative Thoughts and Feelings are deposited, Clearing, Straightening and Harmonizing the Energy pathways, thus allowing the life Force to Flow in a Healthy and Natural Way.



Following the link below You will find a list of Offers and Packages

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