“Ready-Steady-Go”: Overcome Procrastination & Make Things Done

Start Practice your Habits Everyday.

Everyday our Lives are Governed by Habit. These Habits are the little Routines and Modalities of Doing Things. Most People are Unaware or are only Slightly Aware that they are Doing them.

Some  bad Habits, like Procastinating, Eating Junk Food, Smoking, can have Harmful Effects on the Health and others like Procrastination can Affect our Work, Career and Outcomes.

Whenever we Find Ourselves Wanting to Do something else while in the Middle of Something Scheduled we should be Doing, simply Stop and Breath as Deeply as you Can for Five Minutes and ReFocus your Attention on the Task you are Practicing or you Should Start to Practice Here and Now.

This can Be Extremely Hard for some People or in Determined Situations, because some Habits to Change after all are so Ingrained that we Do them Without Thinking.

Procrastination is one of the most Common Human Behaviors, but if we can Gain Control over Procrastination by Developing more Awareness as soon as Possible and Stopping it in its Tracks. 

On the contrary, you Know you Have a Bad Habit when you are Aware that you are Putting Something Off, and you Continue Avoiding it Anyway.

In Average, It Takes 21 Days to form a Habit and According to a Study from the University of London is Reveled that it will take between 18 to 264 Days for a Person to form a Behavior, depending on the Original Behavior of the Person and the Circumstances that Surround Him. 

These are just Theories and Statistics, so don’t Worry about how much Time you Will Need to Handle your Habits and Create Desired Behaviors for Yourself: Just Start Today and Do your Best for Staying on Track Enjoying the Process.

1% Better Everyday can Do all the Difference of the World.

“A Year from Now you May Wish you Had Started Today.” Karen Lamb

If you Want to Learn More about Habits in the Contest of Personal Behavior Science, Two of my Favorite Readings are The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

Do You Desire to Be More Effective in Developing New Positive and Changing the Bad Ones? Use a Habit Tracker on Paper or on Your Mobile Device.

Habit Tracking is a Conscious Observation and Measurement of Daily Behaviors with a Goal to Attain a New Habits to Develop: like a Renowned Management Consultant, Peter Drucker wrote, “What gets Measured gets Managed.” Tracking our Habits Gives us Feedback on our Behavior Change Quest and allow us to Keep Motivated While we Adopting Desired Habits making them a Lifestyle.

There are many Habits Tracking Apps Available Especially Designed to Help to set Goals, Keep Track of Habits and Tackle Bad Habits for Free. Here are my Selection of Five Favorites Habit Trackers Recommended to you (in this Moment I am Using EveryDay Habit Tracker):

EveryDay Habit Tracker


Available on the WebSite Everyday.App for 30 days free, then $12/year.

This a Simple, Beautiful and Colorful Habit Tracker that Helps to Form new Habits and to Achieve Meaningful Goals. 

It has a Visual Dashboard and Chain Based Tracking. Very Addictive.

Morning Routine Habit Planner


“Creating Lasting Habits and Success Routines. With Morning Routine, you can Design as Many Routines as you Want, and Select which Day you Wish to Follow Them.”

Productive Habit Tracker


A free App that Helpful to Build Life-Changing Habits. This App Permits to Plan and Schedule a Routine on an Easy-to-Use Interface, set smart Reminders, and get Insightful Feedback.

Fabulous: Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker


It is an Unusual Habit Tracker. 

Fabulous is a Science-Based App with a Focus on Helping to Improve Health and Well-Being. Among many other Things, this Beautifully Designed app will Teach You how to Learn to Build an Effective and Transformative Morning Routine, start Yoga, and Practice Mindfulness Meditation.

Way of Life


This App is Recommended by The New York Times, The Guardian, and Forbes, among others. 

This App is Helpful to Monitor Eating and Exercising Habits, Habits about a Smarter Smartphone Use and Sleep Hygiene. 

Way of Life also Permits to Export Habit Data to a CSV or Excel file.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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