Prioritize your Tasks & Accomplish your Goals. Two Simple and Effective Strategies of Priority  Management

Time Management is to Make Sure that you Stay Committed and Productive Throughout the Day and Creating the Modality that all the Tasks Will Be Completed within a Time Frame Optimizated to Improve the Level of Productivity.

Priority Management is about Recognizing the Priorities and the Right Time and Deadline you Give to Each Task, Recognizing the Level of Importance of Each Task in Order to Accomplish the Scheduled Goals in the most Fuctional Way as Possible.

By Choosing Activities Intelligently, you can Make the very Most of our Time and Opportunities. However, by Choosing Badly, you can Slow Down yourself Down in Time-Depleting, Low-Yield Task that Stop you Moving Forward.

The Most Functional Way to Prioritize and the Best Place to Start is “Bottom Up.” That Means Looking at uour To-Do List and Figuring out How to Prioritize what there is to Do.

Here are Two Effective Methods that I Suggest you to Apply to your To-Do-List since Now:

ABCDE Method

One of the Best and Simplest Method for Setting Priorities on your Tasks List, once you have Determined your Major Goals is the A-B-C-D-E Method. 

This Method is a Creation of Productivity Guru Brian Tracy and it Consists of Ranking Tasks into Five Categories.

You Simply Place One of those Letters in the Margin before each of the Tasks on your List:

A – Very Important, Must be Done at all Costs. 

B – Pretty Important, but the Consequences aren’t as Dire if it’s not Completed. 

C – Would be Nice to have Done. No Consequences for not Doing it Though. 

D – Delegate this to Someone Else (it’s not Worth your Time). 

E – Eliminate. Not Worth Doing, Delete it. 

Using A-B-C-D-E Method, you can Easily Visualize what is Important and Unimportant,  Focusing your Time, Attention and Energy on those Tasks that are most Important for you to do and to Move ahead in your Agenda.

Eisenhower Priority Matrix

US General and President Dwight Eisenhower Used a Simple 2×2 Matrix to Prioritize his Work. Eisenhower had a Reputation for Sustaining High Levels of Productivity not just for Weeks or Months, but for Decades. 

His Method has been later Popularized by the Personal Development Author Steven Covey.

The Priority Matrix Allows to Look Through your to-Do List Categorizing Tasks Based on their Ugency and Importance.

Start by Filling in Quadrant 1 (Urgent and Important) by Selecting Anything that Must Be Accomplished Soon or Overdue. If a Task Leads Directly to Moving a Project Forward in your Business, that Goes in Quadrant 2 (Not Urgent and Important). Quadrant 3 (Urgent not Important) and Quadrant 4 (Not Urgent/Not Important) are Where you can Put the Rest. 

What is the Most Important Tasks that You will Accomplish Today in Order to Be Aligned with your Purposes and Closer to your Goals?

Define Them and Start to Accomplish Them, Today.

Author: Cristina Capucc

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