Plan your Mindful Day. Ten Helpful Questions to have a Direction and to Stay on Track toward your Achievements

When you are Starting out with Mindfulness Practice it is helpful to Plan out a Mindful Day and Write it down on a Journal so that you Know what you are Going to Focus on.

According to my Experience to Take a Mindfulness Journal Requires in Average 15 Minutes/Day (Consider 12 Minutes in the Morning and 3 Minutes before going to Sleep). Some other Mindfulness Coaches Say that Mindfulness Journaling Requires 7 Minutes, other 20. It is very Subjective: What Matters most is to Find the Best Timing for you.

To Find your Timing will be a Further Challenge during the Development Path of your Mindful Lifestyle. Consider that the Mindful Journaling is in Itself a Mindful Practice during which you have to Stay totally Present on what you are Doing at the Same Level as the other Informal Mindful Practices.

10 Helpful Questions to have a Direction and to Stay on Track toward your Achievements

To have a Guideline I Suggest you to Consider to Answer the following Questions : 

1.What do you Want to Achieve Today?

2.What is Important and Meaningful to you Right Now/which are the First Thoughts that you had this Morning, Just Awaked? Decidete 5 Minutes to Self-Reflection  

3. How much Time will you Dedicate to Mindfulness Meditation (Formal Practice) ?

4. How Much Time Will you Focus on Mindfulness Practice (InformalPractice)? 

5. How important is Mindfulness for you Today?

6. What can you Focus on right now to get your Mindful day Started? (For Example: 10 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Eating During the Breakfast, Walking Meditation etc)

7. How Do you Feel in this Moment? 

8. How do you Feel After your First Mindful Practice?

9. How do you Feel before to Sleep and How Much Time have you Effectively dedicated to Mindfulness Practice?

10.What are you Grateful for?

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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