New Consciousness Evolution Levels Through the Nature: the Spiritual Ecology Mindset

Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardens at New York.
Botanical Garden Orchid Show

 “As Vast as this Space without is the Tiny Space within your Heart: Heaven and Earth are Found in it, Fire and Air, Sun and Moon, Lightning and the Constellations, whatever Belongs to you Here Below and all That doesn’t, all this is Gathered in that Tiny Space within your Heart.”

Chandogya Upanishad

Spiritual Ecology should Become an Important Dimension of our Wellness. 

This Ancient Re-Emerging Mindset is a Way to Maintain in Balance our Relationship between our Physical Environment and our Consciousness, Favoring a Natural Evolution of our Being in Relation to and with the Whole.

The Key to a Successful Evolution through the Environment in a Genuine Exchange and an Effective Observation/Contemplation and Inner Communication: a Skill we all can Develop. 

When we Consider our Relationship to Spirit in our Surroundings, we Look both Internally and Externally, Separately and Together.

Our Internal Relationship to Spirit is not about Praying a far and Immense God, but to Find a Concrete Relationship with the Divine and the Universal Dynamics that link us Together as One, Here and Now, also in the Ways in which we Relate to Ourselves, the internal Monologue with Oneself and to our Natural Environment in the Present Moment. 

Our Internal Meanings/Representations and Story are of the most Influential Aspects of our Inner Psyche. They can Affect Biological Functions, Emotional Balance, and overall Wellbeing by Aligning our Vibrations with the External World and its Perception.

When our Internal Vibration of Peace is in Alignment with our External Vibration, we are in Harmony and this Homeostasis Supports the necessary Ecology for the Spirit Light to Shine Brightly. It is this same Homeostasis that our Planet Strives to Maintain for the Continuance of Life on this Planet and to Share Unconscious Representations of our Consciousness and our Inner Worlds.

Living Walls are also called ‘Biowalls’, ‘Vertical Gardens’ or ‘Vertical Vegetated Complex Walls’ (VCW). 

Throughout Nature we are Connected to the Whole and the Universe.

The Clearest Way into the Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.” John Muir 

According with the Physician David Bohm Theory the Holographic View of the World is a Perception of the Entire Whole within a small Piece of the Original. 

Our Reality would be a Projection in Three-Dimensional Image that still Maintains that Complete Image, Regardless of the Number of Times that it is Divided. 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Observing the Nature in Terms of a Hologram, we can Recognize that the “Vital Principle held to Give Life” and as a Force Field it is Completely Contained in its Individual Parts: each Plant is Alive and in this Aliveness Spirit is Inherent and yet has its own Individual Nature. 

 David Bohm and Neurophysicist Karl Pribram Supported the Idea that the Entire Universe is a Hologram, and this Image is Projected from a Place outside of Time and Space, indicating a Dimension beyond our own that Projects the Image, like a “Spiritual Being” (according to the Artist/Metaphysical Martin Prechtel) that Projects an Hologram from its Simultaneous Dimension, Making of our Planet a “Footprint” of another Spirit World in a Different Space and Time.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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