Music and Frequencies: the Powerful Natural Vibration of Music at 432 Hz

Music has Powerful Effects on our PsychoPhysical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness to the Point the It Possible Consider Music as a Supportive Holistic Therapy (Music Therapy).

It is Scientifically Observed that Music can influence Positively Internal Functions of our Organism and it can Regularize Blood Pressure, Speed or Slow Down our Heart Rate, reduce Anxiety and it Promote the Enhancement of the Cognitive Functions.

Many Researchers Attribute most of the Benefits of Music to the Harmonized Frequencies that it Diffuses and, the Way we Feel, the Way that the Brain responds when we Listen it, depends on the Combination of Frequencies in a Track, or in our the tone of Voice and in the Sounds/Noises Existing in the Nature. This is Effect is known as the Frequency Response. 

Music in Nature Vibrate at 432 Hz (The Ancients tuned their Instruments at 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz but the Standard of Commercial Music nowadays). 

432 HZ is said to be Mathematically consistent with the Patterns of the Universe. It is said that 432 Hz Vibrates with the Universe and unifies the properties of Light, Time, Space, Matter, Gravity and Magnetism with Biology, the DNA Code, and Consciousness.

The most important reason for supporting 432 Hz Frequency (and to Translate Electronically Music at 440Hz to 432Hz) it is because they are in Harmony with Nature and Life, as also confirmed by Cymatics (the Study of Morphogenic Effect of the Vibrations).

432 Hz (as Multiple of 8 Hz ) Frequency is closely Connected with Physio-Logical processes of DNA and Brain Waves, and even with the Earth’s base Frequency, which is 7,83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) that Naturally Actives our Harmonization with the Earth and helps the Heart to be Connected with Mind and Emotions, bringing us in a State of Coherence (In a State of Coherence the Heart naturally Emits Frequencies around the 8Hz).

“Silent, Everything is Music” Rumi

Listening to 432Hz Music resonates inside our Body, releases Emotional Blockages, and expands our Consciousness. 432Hz Music allows us to stay Tuned into the Knowledge of the Universe around us in a more Natural, Harmonic, Balanced and Intuitive Way.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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