Mindfulness Coaching: Develop a Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness Coaching is a transformative and improving support that offers specific tools and techniques that helps to expand awareness and presence in the here and now.

In general, a Mindful mindset and lifestyle is characterized by an open-presence and non-judgmental awareness in front of sensory and cognitive inputs and life experiences as they arise in the present moment. Mindfulness involves paying attention to what is happening in the here and now and to live more confident about the existence one step at time.

Meditation literally means to engage in contemplation or reflection. It has been part of oriental and mediterranean spiritual and healing practices for thousands of years. Meditation is practiced using a variety of techniques to alter how one relates to or suspends the stream of thoughts to relax body, mind and emotions. Meditators have a greater ability to calm themselves down when triggered by emotions like anger, fear and anxiety and develop a profound sense of compassion and thankfulness.

Mindfulness Coaching is not just about to learn how to meditate, rather it is an active support to develop a mindful luminous lifestyle where meditation is just an effective modality for cultivating mindfulness. Where mindfulness is the lifestyle, meditation is the a habit that produces and enhances this lifestyle.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Coaching

The main benefits that a Mindfulness Coaching support helps to develop are:

  • the find of mental clarity for daily decision-making and problem-solving tasks

  • Reduction of stress and the development of new Mindful healthy habits

  • Development of a resilient attitude in front of challenging and/or avverse situations and the enforcement of a sense of self-presence

  • Enhancement of a critical sense with a non-judgmental attitude

  • Strengthen of self-esteem, self-confidence and a heath-centered state and mindset

  • Empowerment of emotional intelligence and the becoming more sensitive within ourselves, our inner world and also in the outside world.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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