Bring Mindfulness to Work. 5 Ways to Be More Mindful

You don’t need to Meditate every Day to Experience the Benefits of Mindfulness at Work. To Be Mindful means to Be Aware of our Thoughts and of what is Happening around us and Become more Conscious of Ourselves and our Behavior in the Here and Now. 

Develop a Mindful Mindset has many Benefits that can Improve the quality of our Lives also during the Time that we spend at Work: Mindfulness can Positively Impact Both Mental and Emotional Health, increase Stress Tolerance, Expand our Attention and Boost our Productivity.

Here are Five Mindfulness Coaching Tips that you can easily Apply to inject Mindful Moments into your Day to be at Best at Work and in your Daily Life, developing Step by Step a Natural and Functional Mindful Mindset: 

Learn to Be Consciously Present of what is Happening around us. Living Consciously is about taking Control of your Life, about thinking about our Decisions and our Actions rather than making them without thinking about the Consequences for us, for other People and for our Results.

When You are at Work Start to Make You the Following Questions:

  • Are you Spending your Time doing just busy Work rather than Enjoying each Task and savoring the Feeling of Accomplishment after each Positive (also simple) Result ?
  • Do you find Yourself wasting your Time doing Things that aren’t really important and Fulfilling jut to Arrive at the end of the Day?
  • Do You Ruminate for days after Routine Discordances at Work?

Communicate Mindfully, That’s Mean to Be more Focused and Kind during each Conversation with Colleagues, Employees and Clients, not only during Meetings but also during Pauses.

Being truly Present is Critical to Effective Communication because it Helps you reach new Informations so that you can Better Connect with the others in the Room, hear what they are Saying and Be more Problem Solving during every Situation. 

Do One Task at Time Increasing Your Focus and Concentration. Multitasking looks a Solution to Be more Productive but in the reality it causes Mental Stress and it Reduce the Productivity at least of the 20%.

Mindfulness can help you to Become a Single Tasking Superhero follow this simple Mindfulness Coaching Tip: Schedule your Daily Activities the night before or early in the Morning. Keep a Time Journal of the Tasks that you want to Achieve during a whole Day. Then note down what you have  Achieved and how Mindful and Focused you Were during each Task.

Develop a Growth Mindset. Mindfulness and Growth Mindset and are two deeply interlinked Subjects. According to new Researchers about Mindfulness at the Workplace, Mindfulness and Growth Mindset are considered as the major source of Contentment and Fulfillment. But What to do to Develop a Growth Mindset? You Could Start Improving your Competences Reading more Books and Articles about them, Following some Workshops during the Week Ends, Developing New Skills and Divulging your Mindful and Growth Mindset to your Colleagues during the Pauses. 

Be Grateful. Gratitude is a Precious Source of Happiness. Teams of Cognitive Psychologists have Observed that Gratitude Actives Feel-Good Neurotransmitters (Dopamine and Serotonin) and it helps to Develop a Positive Attitude also during Difficult or Challenging Moments, when the Levels of Stress are Functionally Hight.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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