Mindfulness of Weather. 10 Minutes Meditation

Our Thoughts are Restless. Naturally they Cannot Stay still for a Moment. They are so Many and so Different. Sometimes it is Very Difficult to Turn Off the Volume and Just Think Nothing.

Sometimes our Thoughts are Sunny, Airy and Sparking as a Summer Day at Hight Altitude other Days they are more Heavy and Stuck as a Cold Rainy Day in the Traffic of the City. 

Sometimes in the same Moment we can have Thoughts of two different Nature and Temperatures and it is just like Various Weather Fronts that Flow from different Directions. We have Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts. When the two Meet, the Variations in Temperature they can cause Storms and Turbulences.

Other Weather Conditions can cause Lightning and Thunder, other just Blow away the Clouds Gifting us a Wonderful and Warm Sunny Weather. At any Given Day there can be Hundreds of Lightning Storms Taking Place around the Planet while on the other Side of the Globe it is Sunny since Months. This is a Turbulent Planet with many Fluctuations of Weather. This is the Nature of our Planet and also the Nature of our Thoughts Unconsciously Connected to our Emotions.

Meditation of the Weather

  • Now Sit Comfortable, Close your Eyes and Take some Profound Breathes for the Time that you Need to Relax the Rhythm of your Breath, the Muscles of your Neck, your Shoulders and Feeling totally Comfortable and Stable on the Chair/the Meditation Cushion or the Yoga Mat.
  • When You Feel Ready direct your Focus to Visualize your Thoughts as Weather instead of Listen to them. Set this Intent to your Mind and it will Be Happen Naturally during the first Minutes of the Meditation.
  • Enjoy the View of your Thoughts in Form of Weather Changes, Observe them out of your Mind like into a Screen in Front of your closed Eyes. 
  • Observe the Images as Flowing Images or Screenshoots that Become even more Vivid and Detailed. 
  • Now you can Notice also the Landscape all around you while you Realize that you can Float as a Cloud into a Blue, Clear and Sunny or a Starry Sky.

  • Continue to Observe the Weather, the Landscape and your Imaginative Movements while you Start to Feel the Sensations of the Weather on your Skin, as Wind, as Soft Clouds, as Ray of Lights, as Breezes of Cold etc. Do not Force What You See, Just Observe, let the Images of the Atmospheric Agents to Emerge in front of your Eyes and then let them Flow: they are Simply your Thoughts here and Now.
  • Now You are in a Profound “Inducted” Mindfulness State. Enjoy the Experience all the Time Long that you have Set for the Meditation. Probably your Brain is in Theta Waves instead of Alpha Waves in this Moment, but with the Mindfulness Practice You will find your Way to Perceive your Thoughts in a Natural Way (Often I Perceive my Thoughts like Atmospheric Agents during my Mindfulness Meditations). I Suggest you to Set an Alarm with a Meditation/Tibetan Bell Sound before to start the Meditation.
  • When the Alarm has Sounded, You can Bring Back the Consciousness of the Environment all around you (still Keeping your eyes Closed) and then Slowly and Gently Start to Move your Body (Starting from your Neck, then your Arms etc) and to Make a little bit of Stretching while you Open your Eyes.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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