Mindfulness Meditation: Formal and Informal Practice

Be Mindful means to notice what’s Happening right Now with our Thoughts, in our Body, and in the Environment with Calm, Clarity, Sharp, Kindness, Flexibility and wit a non-Judgement Attitude. 

One of the most Effective ways to Develop a Mindful Lifestyle is through the Meditative Practice. We can Practice Mindfulness Meditation as a Formal Practice but also as Informal Practice living determined Daily Actions as a Mindful Meditative Practice .

A increasing number of People and Organizations are turning towards Mindfulness Training, a Mindset of Formal Practice that usually includes Mindfulness Meditation Practice as a core Component during the Week Schedule.

As Formal Practice, Mindfulness Meditation includes an Intentional Commitment of Time (at Home, in the Nature or at Work, from one minute to 45 minutes or more almost every Day). These Practices Invite us to bring our Attention or Awareness on our Breath, letting Flow our Thoughts, while we are listening to our Emotions, Stillness, Silence, Noises, such as a Soundtrack driven by our Breath.

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Instead when we Practice Mindfulness in an Informal Way we are noticing our Experience from Moment to Moment and bringing our Attention to one Thing as many times as we can throughout the Day. Informal Meditative Practices of Mindfulness may Include:

  • Sitting at a Stoplight: Use the forced “Time-Out” to take three deep Breaths and Relax your Shoulders and Back. Hand on the Soorknob: Pause and Take a deep Breath before Opening Doors.

  • Breathe in and out Mindfully before reaching to Answer the Phone, or look at a Text. Allow those “Dings” to serve as a Mindfulness Bell, calling you back to the Moment.

  • Try Eating a meal Mindfully. Pause when you sit down and take in the sight and smell of your Food. Take a small amount and Focus on the Taste, Smell and Texture of the Food as you put it in your Mouth. Savor the Food as you Slowly Chew it. This is most easily done when you Eat with no Distractions, such as the TV, Phone or a Book or Newspaper. Start Eat with Eating Mindfully for the First Five Minutes of a Meal (set an alarm). Afterwards, notice what was different about this Experience as Compared to your Normal way of Eating.

Just Be Present. Aware. Non-Judgmental. Practicing Mindfulness Exercises you Can’t Do it Wrong, you can just Improve your Being ever more Conscious in the Here and Now.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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