Mindfulness Coaching is a Transformative and Improving Support that will Offer you Specific Tools and Techniques to Help you to Develop Awareness and Presence in the Here and Now. 

In General, a Mindful Mindset and Lifestyle is Characterized by an Open-Presence and non-Judgemental Awareness in front of Sensory and Cognitive inputs and Life Experiences as they Arise in the Present Moment. 

Mindfulness Involves Paying Attention to what is Happening in the Here and Now and to Live more Confident about the Existence one Step at Time.

Mindfulness Coaching is not just about to Learn to Meditate, rather it is a Support to help you to Develop a Mindful Luminous Lifestyle. Meditation is just an effective Modality for Cultivating Mindfulness.


 As Mindfulness Coach I will Encourage and Help you to: 

– Reduce Stress and Develop new Mindful Healthy Habits

– Find Calm and the improve your Capability to Relax

– Develop Resilience in front of Challenging Situations and to Enforce your Sense of Self-Presence

– Find Mental Clarity for daily Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Tasks

– Enhance your Critical Sense with a non-Judgmental Attitude 

– Strengthen Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and a Heath-Centered State and Mindset

– Empower Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and Facilitate the becoming more Sensitive within Ourselves/Inner World and also in the Outside World.


The most Basic Way to Start Practicing Mindfulness is Starting by to Listen our Breath, the Inhale and Exhale during which the Perception of and In the Present Moment will Expand naturally, Breath after Breath.

According to Ancient Traditions our Breath in the Gateway to our Consciousness and our Internal World.

For this reason Turning the Attention to the Breath, Redirects our State of Consciousness and Physically there is an immediate Neuroendocrine Change of State, from the Sympathetic to the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems.

The resulting Feeling is Stillness, Peace and Calmness. With Stillness, now, it is possible to Listen. With Stillness we enter naturally in a Mindful State and we are ready to Begin to Explore who we really Are, and Enhance, without any Effort, our Levels of Awareness.

Stillness is not the End, it is only the Beginning of a Wonderful Journey.

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