Mindfulness and the Essence of Life in Every Here and Now

Excerpt from ”The Art of Living” by Tich Naht Hanh

Mindfulness literally means Awareness. It is around the knowledge of oneself through the focus of attention at the present moment.

Mindfulness is an ancient oriental philosophy in which the practice starts from Meditation based on our breath and it is a very valid and simple ”tool” to Integrate in our current lifestyle.

Listening to one’s breath, presence to one’s physical and emotional sensations, attention to one’s steps, is a practical and functional mode of observing the physical Structure of thoughts, of what draws attention, of sounds, noises, smells and anything else that is normally Considered just a “Background” or an inadvertent conditional action.

Mindfulness is the capacity inherent in every human being to be fully present in him/herself, aware of where he/she is and what is doing, of how is doing it and of not being excessively reactive or overwhelmed by what happens in the surrounding environment.

We are practicing Mindfulness meditation whenever we pay attention to the present moment without any judgment or distractions.

Attention is transformed, trascended and become a profound listening addressed to a determinated and choosen aspect of our being, such as the breath or of the reality that surrounds us.

As practice, Mindfulness teaches us how to direct all the attention to what is happening in the present moment until learning with naturalness about how to bring our mind back to the body and to find calm, balance and serenity in the action in every circumstance.

Nowadays Mindfulness It is a very useful practice: in a society and in an environment saturated with stimuli it is however possible to become skilled to anchor the attention on Fundamental objectives, the priorities, the psychophysical well-being without allowing other distractions to lead and to let us helpless in the current circumstances.

Awareness is a quality that we can all naturally possess and that we can develop.

There are numerous scientific researches that show that when the brain in trained to be aware, it is concretely acting to remodel the physical structure of the brain itself.

Therefore it is possible to affirm that a mindfulness practice is able to produce concrete, positive and permanent changes in the life of every practitioner.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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