Mental Clarity for Feeling Better and Being more Effective

Clarity of thought is a state of mind and it cannot be considered an achievement, it already is, we just need to clean the glasses of the windows though which we observe and live our lives. 

Clarity is a state of think nothing, doing nothing, change nothing, fight nothing in relation of the external environment situation in the here and now and It happens when we stop to correct the thoughts and we let them be as simply they are. This mental condition is governed by our Manipura chakra or solar plexus as a source of personal power and that governs self-esteem and the power of transformation simply flowing in the here and now.

Descartes, in the rules, introduces the simple natures or the state of clarity of mind as substance of what our ideas are of.  In fact they not only constitute the contents of our ideas, the “objects” immediately presented to the mind, but are also the natures possessed by all things.  An example of simple natures are colors, sounds, smells, shapes, sizes, extension, and the like. 

When we learn to let go the control over the simplicity of the present moment we can experience the default modality of our mind: clarity.

During this state, we start to feel really good in the present moment as it is and the mind becomes available to be used consciously and it becomes also more collaborative, holistic and strong over a ground from which to build functional critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Here the main benefits of the state of mental clarity:

  • Peace of mind and joy
  • Perfect awareness
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased reading comprehension and retention
  • Improvement of short term memory
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Better critical reasoning ability 
  • Better capability of active listening

Five Tips to Enter in the “Clarity Modality”.

Just listen to your will, your intuition and practice one o more of these simple activities as habit and when you feel that you need more mental clarity in a specific situation or during the day.

Practice Self Talk

Scientific psychological studies affirm that a person has about seventy thousand thoughts per day and that some of them are self-talking thoughts naturally developed by our mind. Practicing consciously self-talk during the day can help us to bring more order into our mind and to become better observer of “how we work”.

Write a Journal

Journaling is a powerful instrument and facilitator of self-discovery. This activity is a wonderful habit to create a wider view over our thoughts, emotions, improvements and goals.

Practice Visualization or “Day Dreaming”

Start each session as a normal meditation. Visualize a situation that you want to realize into your life or that you need to “understand,’ an action you want undertake, an outcome you desire to achieve and simply begin to “see” it into focus. Take time to going even more deep into every of mentioned possibilities and observe your reaction about each of these visualized alternatives: what are you thinking about? What are you feeling? How his the whole acenario?

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Just practicing Meditation each day, in silence for just 15 minutes can improve of the 100% the level our your mental clarity and bring other amazing benefits in term of cognitive performance and growth mindset.

Practice a Moderate Aerobic Activity

Practicing a moderate aerobic activity (as just simply walking and bicycling) has lasting benefits that can help you better manage emotions, think more strategically and improve short term memory.

Author: Cristina Capucci


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