Meditation is an Ancient Mind and Body Practice for Increasing Calmness and Physical Relaxation, Improving Psychological Balance, Stretch Mind, Awake Consciousness and Enhancing overall Health and Well-Being. 

Meditation is a Mind Training to be more Efficient, Intuitive and Responsive to Individual Will and Higher Self.  Meditating also helps Energetic Bodies and Chakras to be more Intact and Connected to the Material World and our Physical Body (Meditation helps to Remove Energetic Blocks created by Traumas and Negative Beliefs which influences our Lives from the Interior and from the Exterior) and sending precious Environment Information to Heart Chakra allowing it to handle at best its Openness and Expansion according to the Life situations.

Meditation Gifts the Experience to Shape Thoughts, a better View of the World and to Choose how to Responds to the Events of Life. According with the modern Quantic Physics Theories and Researches from the University of Southampton (UK) and Waterloo (Canada) our Universe would be a Complex Hologram that is Changing constantly and by Meditating we develop the ability to Flow into many Life Circumstances and into (and with) different degrees of Awareness.

The Realization of every Meditative Experience has always Mental, Physical, Spiritual results and and It can be considered  a Complete Holistic Practice finalized to the Holistic Wellness of the Person.

Scientific Researches suggest that practicing Meditation may Increase Good Mood and Positive Attitude, and reduce Blood Pressure, Anxiety and Insomnia. Meditation is a Practice generally considered safe for Everybody, from Childhood to Old Age,

Nowadays Meditation has become Popular and widely practiced by many People around the World (also by who doesn’t consciously follow a Spiritual Path) as a Relaxation Exercise and an Excellent Technique to train the Mind to be more Focused and Productive.

There are many Kinds of Meditations, The Gold Tao offers the Experience of  Mindfulness Meditation, Theta Meditation and Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM).


“What we Think determines what Happens to us, so if we want to Change our Lives, we need to Stretch our Minds.”

Wayne Dyer



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Mindfulness is an Empowering and Transformative Practice that Offers us the Tools to Expand our Awareness and the Presence in the Here and Now. Mindfulness Practice allows us to become more Sensitive to what is occurring in the Present Moment, both within Ourselves/Inner World and also in the Outside World.

In General, Mindfulness Meditation does not involve a specific Attentional Focus. Typically this Practice is Characterized by an Open-Presence and non-Judgemental Awareness of Sensory, Cognitive and Life Experiences as they Arise in the Present Moment. Mindfulness Involves Paying Attention to what is Happening in the Here and Now.

The most Basic Way to Practice Mindfulness is simply the Listen on our Relaxed Breath, the Inhale and Exhale during which the Perception of and In the Present Moment will Expand naturally, Breath after Breath.

Mindfulness Meditation is Conducted and Practiced in Silence or with Music at 432Hz. (It depends on the Exercise).


Theta Meditation is a very Relaxing Practice and it is Useful to Improve Creativity and to Receive Inspirations from our Higher Self. Theta Meditation is a Natural Way to Conduct the Brain in Theta State. Theta Cerebral Waves are Slow and Deep Waves (4.8Hz). These Brain Frequencies quickly Synchronize Cerebral Hemispheres and Conducts Consciousness to New Dimensions and Perceptions. During Theta States of Mind there is a “Door” Open on the Subconscious and it Offers the Opportunity to Replace Limiting Beliefs with more Functional Beliefs and to “Work” on Negative Past Experiences in a Functional and Active Modality thought a Coaching Intervention.

Theta Meditation is conducted using Isochronic Tones and Music at 432Hz. 


Quantic Heart Meditation (QHM) is a Guided Meditation to Empower the Inner Listening and to Coordinate the Human Heart Rythm and the Brain to the Earth Frequencies. QHM can be considered a Transcendental Meditation and It is Inspired at Native American Traditions and the Modern Neurosciences.
This Meditation permits at the Human Nervous System to enter in a State of Coherence, to Enjoy a deep Relaxation, to Increase Emotional Intelligence and  to Open the Consciousness to a state of Love and Compassion toward All that it is Perceiving  the Connections between Us and the World.
QHM is conducted using Isochronic Tones and Music at 432Hz.


Following the link below You will find a list of Offers and Programs

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