Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness

Meditation is an ancient practice to increase awareness about our connection with our spirit and with the whole.
Nowadays meditation has become popular and widely practiced by many people around the world (also by who doesn’t consciously follow a spiritual path) as a relaxation exercise and an excellent technique to train the mind to be more focused and productive.

In fact when we meditate, we are training the mind to be more efficient, intuitive and responsive to our will, but meditating we are also helping our energetic bodies and chakras to be more intact and connected to the material world and our physical body (meditation helps to remove energetic blocks created by traumas, beliefs, karma and interferences which normally influences our lives from the inner and from the outer world) and sending precious environment information to our heart chakra allowing it to handle at best its openness and expansion according to the life situation that we are experience.

The realization of every meditative session has always mental, physical, spiritual results and we can consider it a complete holistic practice finalized to the wellness of the whole person.

Meditation gifts us the unique experience to shape our thoughts and our view of the world and to choose how to responds to the events in our life. According with the modern quantic physics theories our universe would be a complex hologram that is changing constantly and by meditating we develop the ability to flow into many life crcumstances and into (and with) different degrees of awareness.

Meditation and Mind

Researches as demonstrated that, in patiently sitting, and mindfully altering the way we use our attention, that we are changing our mental habits and creating an incredible Physical transformation in one of the most important organs in our body: the brain.
This physical transformation is called ‘neuroplasticity’, and it refers to the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections in response to the way it has being used and the habits that are being enached. Meditation practically changes the relationship between spatial configuration and functional connectivity of our brain regions.
Just 30 minutes a day spent meditating have deeply positive effects on our brain: changes in brain activity are immediate and increase of performances is observable after less than a couple of weeks of regular practice.

Meditation Chakras and Energetic Bodies

According to the ancient sanskrit teachings, the human being’s life force in concentrated around seven vortex of energy or chakras along the etherical body. Different chakras affect different parts of the physical body and different energetic bodies which are our whole consciousness, the part of “us” we define soul.

Meditation permits us to nurture our etheric bodies with positive thoughts (metaprograms) and renewed life force through breathing meditations and specific visualizations.
Most of what we consider subconscious mind (part of our mind capables to manifest our reality) is expressed through the etheric bodies and through ‘soul mastery’, we can influence our physical body to activate processes of self-healing, to rejuvenate and to “exit from our space” to visit other territories and/or dimensions (channeling).

 Meditation and Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is said to lie next to the heart and it is usually Represented as green in color. The heart chakra is considered a bridge through which we can develop and integrate an holistic sense of unity and connection of all that is and the cosmic source of wisdom.

Opening our anahata chakra (heart chakra in sanskrit) through a meditation focused on this area enables us to create a connection between our spiritual and physical self. This allows us to grow as individual in the most balanced way and also allow us a better connection between the mind and the body generating a state of coherence physical, mental, instinctual and spiritual.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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