Manipura Chakra: Know Who You Are. This is what Turns on your Force

“Radiate your Will and Your Personal Power in the World,” could Say the Solar Plexus Chakra, “Stay one Step up to your Emotions and Dominate your Mind being Anchored in your Roots” 

Manipura Chakra is Characterized by the Expression of Will, Personal Power, Mental Abilities and an Assertive Attitude.

The Manipura Chakra is related to the Element of Fire and to the Color Yellow. It has a Connection with the Sun, its Heat, the Energy of Light and all forms of Power.

In the Indian Tantric Tradation, Manipura Means “Place of Gems” or “Shinang like a Jawel ” has Ten Red Petals, wath a Downward pointing Triangle, Representing the Element of Fire at the Center. However, in most Modern Chakra Layouts it is placed at the Solar Plexus as a Major Chakra, with its Ten Petals Shown in Gold or Yellow. 

Yellow Light Represents the Intellect and Solar Energy. Nerves become Activated with Yellow, and for this Reason it is used to Stimulate Energy through them and through the Muscles. 

Ram is the Manipura’s Bija Mantra. By Chanting Ram like you would be OM, it works on the Specific Chakra Frequencies as an Harmonizer. 

The main meanings Associated with the Third Chakra are:

• Will, Personal Power

• Taking Responsibility for One’s Life

• Mental Abilities, the intellect

• Forming Personal opinions and Beliefs

• Making Decisions, setting the Direction

• Clarity of Judgments

• Personal Identity, Personality

• Self-Confidence

• Self-Discipline

• Independence

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is Balanced and well Energized these functions naturally find a clear and effortless Outlet.

When we Set Clear Intentions and Goals, we can move Forward to Achieve them, Making of each Step that we Walk a Natural Enforcement of our Will.

Third Chakra and Mind Clarity

Clarity of Mind is a State Generate by the Transformative Power of Manipura and It Consist in Thinking Nothing, Doing Nothing, Changing Nothing, Fighting Nothing in relation to Life in the Present Moment.

According to Mindfulness Concentration, Will, Force, Mind Clarity and Flowing is Breathing in and out letting the Peace and Awareness to Emerge Naturally like a Sun from the Solar Plexus.

Meditation: Replace Thoughts about yourself with Thoughts about Life. During a Sunny Day, go outside and Breath the Warmth of the Sun in the Air.

Visualize a Yellow Glow, Fed by the Energy of the Sun, in the Manipura Chakra that it will Enforce your Intents, your Thoughts and your Mind.

Manipura Chakra and GoodWill According to Buddhism

“Searching all Directions

with your Awareness,

you Find no one Dearer

than Yourself.

In the same Way, others

are Thickly dear to Themselves.

So you shouldn’t Hurt others

if you Love Yourself.”

Ud 5:1 The King, excerpt from the Rājan Sutta 

Goodwill is always the Best Place from where to Start

Use Luminous Self-Interest to Induce Goodwill, Compassion and Self-Compassion: base your Happiness on the Realization of yourself and not on the Suffering of others. Always Encourage Right Effort in your Search for Happiness and Fulfillment.

This is the main Buddhist Teaching about GoodWill and the Use of Personal Force (Iddhipāda).

Right Effort is a Matter not only of Exerting yourself in the proper Way, but also of Making yourself more Motivated and naturally Nourished along the Way.

Always Focus your Intents and Interest toward Skillful Actions: Skillful Actions can Flow toward Transcendence while Unskillful Actions remain Anchored only to the Moundane.

Manipura Chakra and the Fire

Fire is Action and Transformation. Allowing yourself to Grow and become a Better Version of yourself you can Take Action Leaving behind what no longer Works for you. 

Fire is the Element that is Traditionally attributed to Manipura. It has Three inner Meanings: 

  • the Sun 
  • our Inner Fire
  • and Spirit

Today many People Find difficulties to Rise above the Third Chakra  (Fixing their Intents only in their Mind) in order to Experience these Inner Meanings as Truths in their Lives. 

It is in part Caused by Society’s Conditioning and Limiting Beliefs: a Kind of Cultural Hypnosis­ which Keeps us locked into our Physicality by denying us a Vibrant, Personal link with the Spirit and with the Wholeness.

By gradually Opening up to the Possibility of our Greater Life of Spirit, we begin to Experience Profoundly our Manipura becoming Balanced and Aware Adults, and it is only in that Moment that we can Enter Fully into the Heart and its Purifying Fire that Gift Air (the Element associated to the Anahata Chakra) of Freedom.

In Manipura the Fire of our Body (our Internal Fire) can Freely and Silently Burn, Be Consumed and Transcended by the Power of the Fire of the Sun as Light of the Spirit.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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