Make Ordinary Extraordinary: Bring more Meaning to the Daily Activities

Learn to Think about our Daily Activities in Different or Innovative Ways can Improve our Growth Mindset, Creative Thinking and Mood, Giving more Meaning and Focus on the Present Moment.

It could be to Prepare a Work Presentation, to Plan a Business Journey, or simplest things as Playing our Favorite Music, writing our Journal, or Cooking a Fresh Fruit Salad or a Cake. Inserting small Changes can bring Excitement and Spark to Life. Choose to Begin the Daily to Do List accomplishing the Activities that we are really Interested in because the Mind Cooperates more easily when we really like Something. 

Allow ourselves to see the different Possibilities that Exist at every Moment and Learn through trial Do not be afraid of making Mistakes as they can be the Stepping stones for our Everyday Sense of Fulfillment as they can be the Stepping Stones for your everyday Happiness and Lifelong Success.

Whatever we do in Life, Enjoy it. Otherwise, we could Constantly Compromising our Life and our Happiness Level. If it isn’t Fun, find out what is and Make it as a Challenging Game. Find Ways to Enhance our Skills in whatever that Interest us.

Paying Attention and Giving more Meaning to Whatever we do it Become More Significative and we also Automatically Can become Good at it. In Order to Improve our Inner World and our Environment, we must first Change the Way we Look at It. Bless all you Do and all the Good Things you are able to Realize in Life, and Learn to Be Thankful for them; and more Reasons to Be Thankful will Come.

Create Something Meaningful

Think of Something in your Life you Would Like to Create. Take a Pencil and Paper and Draw it.

Add as much Detail in as Possible. It does not Matter what the Picture Looks Like. It is the Energy of Srawing it and the Focus you are giving it that will Bring about Ideas to you. Put the Picture away and in a Couple of Days take it Out again. Add to it Anything that you have Come Up with Over the last Couple of Days. You can Do this as often as you Like. The more you Focus on it the more it Will come to Life and the Universe will Deliver Ideas to you to Bring it to Life.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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