Live from the Heart: the True Awakening

IC1805 Heart Nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia

“The only Hope for Humankind is in the Transformation of the Individual.” Krishnamurti

The Global Awekening

For the first time there is a large scale Awakening on our Planet.  We are Awakening today from decades and centuries of living annihilated by illusions (included the illusions of a false Spiritual Awekening) and compressed by controlling Beliefs and Unconscious thoughts. Today, we have the Chance to step into the Light of our Consciousness and to see the World, the Life and Ourselves through a lens of Clarity and Grace like we never have had before.

We have the Chance to see through the illusions, the conflicts, the drama, the propaganda and all that has kept us asleep, busy and distracted from the “Real” Truth of All That Is.

The Root of this Global Awakening is a very important Calling: to find our Real Life Purpose: the Meaning of our Existence in its Personal Meaning and according to the Whole.

For centuries humankind has led an Existence almost exclusively ruled by the Mind, which often has untapped and unconscious the full potential. Logic, Reason and Rational thinking were overvalued compared to Empathy, Compassion, Emotions and Love. We were taught to be strong, competitive, focus on personal and cultural desires and minded guided Aims without regard for how it will impact Others, Mother Earth and our Health.

In the name of a shared and accepted Vision about Life Evolution on this Planet, we have forgotten one of the most important aspects of our Nature: the Heart. Most of the time We have denied our true Indentity suppressing and alienating our Heart Voice.

Live from the Heart: the True Awakening

The main foundation of a Heart-Centered Living is Love. Love is often considered an Emotional Feeling, but Love is overall an Energy which in turn Creates a State of Consciousness ables to conduct wisely our Lives.

To embrace a Heart-Centered living means to allow to ourselves to be Guided and Inspired by this Invisible Force for the most of all that we Think, Say and Do.

This is a Way to move out of Fear-Based Paradigm and moving into Love-based Paradigm. Our Hearts were abandoned and we are finally coming back to them. A Heart-Centered living can take care of ourselves, Heal ourselves and Heal our Planet. Heart Energy is able to adjust the Energetic Frequency of the Thoughts, Inspire our Words and Actions and Help us to influence our mind-body connection, influencing the state of our Personal Health, and collectively the Health of our Mother Earth.

Living from the Heart does not Mean that we abandon the Power of our Mind. To do so, would be to enter a new imbalance. The Challenge is to use our Mind in function of our Higher Being.

“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind is a Faithful Servant. We have created a Society that honors the Servant and has forgotten the Gift.” Albert Einstein

Several Authors and Spiritual Researchers have individuated three main Areas which are the foundations to Activate a Heart-Centered Life. These Three Areas are Compassion for Ourselves, Compassion for Others and Compassion for Nature.

Compassion for Ourselves. An Lifelong Personal Growth Path

To have Compassionate Actions towards Ourselves is a Concrete Commitment to Activate an Alchemical process of Transmuting our Personal Feelings, Patterns, Actions, and Ideas into something New. To do this we need to start to deep Listening to our Inner Voice. To Spend time in Silence living in a State of Surrender and Acceptance of what it is in the Present Moment.

This Attitude is the base of a True Meditation and it permits to Create a deep Cleansings and Transformation in our Lives .

Every time We have an Energy that needs to be transformed, as Fear, Sadness or Anger we should to learn to feel the Responsability to take care for this Energy.

To this end, Thich Nhat Hanh affirms: “Touch the Seed of Mindfulness (presence in the Here and Now), and then all of its energy will be able to establish itself in your “living room,” like a mother tenderly embracing your pain. With that Energy of mindfulness, you are doing the true practice of Meditation with regard to your pain and your emotions“.

Awareness is Power and it allow us to Raise our Vibration and to Connect throught our Heart to an Infinite Field of Blessings and Creations. Furthermore, Expanding Heart Energy, we can Accelerate  even more our Personal Growth and tonTransform Stress and Frustrations into Greater Positive Energy, Better Health and a more Fulfilling Life. 

Compassion for Others. An Unity-Centered Attitude as Social Value.

To Establish a true Connections, to Nourish, and to Take Care of Others are very important facets of the Potential of our Heart Chakra in terms of Consciousness: the Heart Chakra is the Energetic Center from which the Energy of Love is Transmitted. Empathy and Compassion are very strong connective tissues: ” if Generosity gives the Heart Wings, then Empathy gives the Heart its Ground” affirm Anodea Judith in her book “The Global Heart Awakens”.
We have to Understand that We are all from the same Source on this Planet, and thus one Big Human Family on the Planet Earth: we have the Responsability to Protect our Environment.
The Scientists at the HeartMath Institute in California (HMI) have conducted extensive researches on the Power of Heart and they arrived to the conclusion that we are all Connected throught Electric impulses emitted by our Hearts. Finally we have also a Scientific confirmations about what Ancient Spiritual Traditions have always affirmed.
To Live by the Values of the Heart reflect an Important Shift ables to Create a radical variation in the Social tissue. We would be able to Focus more on Cooperation over Competition, Networks more than Markets, Sustainibility more than compulsive Growth.

Compassion for Nature. An Authentic Connection with Mother Earth.

Living from the Heart means to Feel that we are One with our Planet as consequence of a Rooted and deep Change and not only as consequence of an Ethical Choice.  We are all Interconnected and Connected to Mother Earth.

To Start feeling our Planet as a Sacred and Living Being is a Quantum Leap toward a radical Change of Prospective which includes a higher level of Compassion for all Animals, all other Species of Life on this Planet, included Plants and the Ground (for example Mineral Resources).

We begin to take a higher degree of Reverence for Nature knowing that it has a Sacred Balance, and we learn to work with it, rather than against it in the name of a self declared Superiority. Living from the Heart means to understand that We are just One aspect of Nature and that it is our duty as Gaia Citizens to Help to Establish a Sacred and Natural Harmony with the Whole Ecosystem.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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