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“I Can Believe Things that are True and Things that aren’t True and I can Believe Things where Nobody Knows if they’re True or Not. I can Believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and Mister Ed. Listen. I Believe that People are Perfectable, that Knowledge is Infinite, that the World is Run by Secret Banking Cartels and is Visited by Aliens on a Regular Basis, Nice ones that Look Like Wrinkled Lemurs and Bad Ones who Mutilate Cattle and Want our Water and our Women.” Neil Gaiman

Knowledge Changes Through Time, as we Individually and Collectively Make more Discoveries, more we Learn and Evolve According to those Knowledges. Also Beliefs Change across the Life, they Change Through Time and they Change (again Individually and Collectively) Influenced by our Amount of Knowledge and Available Informations.

The Key of Making Sense out of Beliefs (our Own and/or other People’s) and How they Shape Attitudes and Behaviors is that we Think in Terms of what we Believe is “True” and not in Terms of what we Believe is “False”. 

That’s one of the main cause of Incoherence and Gaps between the Content in our Conscious and Unconscious Minds and then the Fragmentary Capability to Manifest What we Consciously Believe in the Reality.

Who Would Maintain Active a Particular Belief if they Believe that it is not True? Just the Time Could Demonstrate its Validity in the Results Manifested in the Reality. Similarly, often few People are likely to hold Flatly Contradictory Beliefs about Different Things at the Same Time that Drive toward Different Directions and Behaviors, sometimes Incoherent and in Conflict between them.

Most of us Hold Coherent Databases of Beliefs in which some Beliefs support others, so the Gestalt Principle: “the Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts” comes into Play. 

This Linking of Beliefs and Truths is Hardwired into our Brains. As Andrew Newberg, American Neuroscientist and Expert in Integrative Medicine, Explains: “a Belief can be Defined as any Perception, Cognition, or Emotion that the Brain Assumes, Consciously or Unconsciously, to be True.”

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD,  Leader in Bridging Science and Spirit in his Book ‘The Biology of Belief’ Affirms that our Beliefs aren’t only able to Shape our Perception of the World, Emotions and Life Experiences but Beliefs are also Able to Affect Positively or Negatively on our Genes and DNA Structure.

His Discoveries have Shown that an Individual’s Perception, not Genetic Programming, is what spurs all Action in the Body: It’s Actually our Beliefs that Select our Genes, that then Select our Behavior.

In Fact Dr Lipton affirms that “Our Consciousness is Creating our Life Experiences. Furthermore He says “That’s not a Suggestion, this is the Law of Science. If you Change your Consciousness you Change your Life Experiences.”

Many of our Physical and Psychological Disharmonies as such as our Behaviors and Perceived Limits to Live the “Life of our Dreams” are Created by our own Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs. 

When they are out of Balance with our own Inner Truth our Subconscious Mind Creates a “Inner Conflict” as Defense Mechanism or “Safety Block” to Show us the Presence of a Disharmony.

By Learning to Understand Who we Are and to Love ourselves as we Are Here and Now we Can Bring our Body and Mind Back into Balance and Experience a Profound Sense of Fulfillment within the Present Moment as we Had Choose it. In a Certain Sense we Can Reframe a Situation according to a More Functional and Fulfilling Beliefs and Purposes and Return or Become Conscious that we are the only Owners and “Creators” of our Lives and Destiny in every Moment and anymore “Auto-Pilot Systems” by our Subconscious Mind.

Author: Cristina Capucci


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