How we can Learn from Situations of Life. Past Lives, Reincarnation & Karma

“The Science of Spirit Wishes to Use Words, Concepts and Ideas in Order that Something Living may Stream down from the Spiritual World into the Physical. It Does not only Seek to Impart Knowledge; it Strives to Awaken Life.” Rudolf Steiner

Talking about Reincarnation might Be Scaring for some People because it Includes the Concept of Death, Issue that often Individuals Try to Avoid Instead of Integrate as an Important Knowledge and/or as a Natural Component of our Life throughout Lives. However over Half the World’s Population Believes in Reincarnation also Thanks to Philosophies that avoid to Call themselves Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

On the other Side, the Idea that There is a Possibility of Reincarnation may Bring a Profound Sense of Serenity Knowing that there is much More to us than just our Physical Bodies and that we Can Move Forward and Learn by Mastering the Lessons that we Came in the Physical World to Learn as Human Beings. To some People this is the Reason why they Adopt that Belief following Teachings of some Oriental Philosophy much more as Superstitions instead of Real Knowledge, still Remaining Ignorant about this Argument and Relegating it (the Same as Commissioning to a “Religion” the Power of the Real Knowledge) to the Philosophy Itself.

The Concepts of Reincarnation and Karma are often Associated. Typically the West Interprets Karma in a Negative Meaning as an already Written Destiny and/or a Predestination that Everything is Set in Stone and that we Do Not Have any Real Choice in our Lives. Mystically the Teachings around Reincarnation and Karma Belong to Technology of Sacred or Science of Spirit and they are simply Rational Explanations of Mechanisms that Move What we Experience Everyday and that they Stay Hidden Behind the “Red Curtain” of our Busy Life, far Away from the Concepts of Superstition, Predestination of Limitedness Underlying the Fact that We are Eternal Spiritual Beings endowed of Free Will.

“Just as an Age was once Ready to Receive the Copernican Theory of the Universe, so is our Own Age Ready for the Ideas of Reincarnation and Karma to Be Brought into the General Consciousness of Humanity.” Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner in his Book “Reincarnation & Karma” Showed that a Deepened Understanding and Experience in the Reality of Previous and Successive Earth Lives Form the Foundations for our True Spiritual Knowledge about our Own Essence, Everyday Life Lessons and our Relationship as Human Beings within the Cosmo.

In Contrast to some Religious Teachings on this Subject, with his Book, Rudolf Steiner Contributed Giving Concrete Descriptions of the Metamorphoses Undergone by Individuals in the Course of Past, Present and Successive Incarnations Manifested always as Material Issues of our Everyday. He also Explained with Specific Examples the Working of Karma, as well as Practical Exercises for Experiencing the Reality from the Point of View of Souls Incarnated in a Body and into a Personality. 

The Word Karma in Sanskrit Means “Action”, and it is the Sum of all Positive or Negative Actions that Extends into Past, Present and Future Experiences that One has Lived and that Present themselves Cyclically as a Silently Movement into our Busy Lives, and that Themselves as an Unknown Fear, an Emotional Blocks, Illnesses, Encounters or Simply as Perceptions of “already Seen” and “already Known” Useful to Inspire Whatever Direction and/or Choice in our Life, where their Occurrence can Influence and Condition, Indifferently in Positive of Negative, According to our Karma and Personal Choices, the Quality of our Present Existence and Attitude toward Life.

“The Responsibility Lies with Each of us, in our Daily One-to-One Encounters, to Reach out and Help each other with Acts of Kindness, to not Be Concerned with what Comes Back to us, to do this Unselfishly. In this Way, we can Change the World.” Dr Brian Weiss

The Science of Spirit Accounts us Responsible of our Own Life and of the Joy, the Blessings or the Sufferings we Bring into our Life or to Other People Lives. It is the old Concept we Have of the Moral “What Goes Around Comes Around”.

“If a Man Approaches a Fact in the World around Him with a Judgment Arising from his Previous Experiences, he Shuts Himself off by this Judgment from the Quiet, Complete Effect which this Fact can Have on Him. The Learner Must be Able each Moment to Make himself a Perfectly Empty Vessel into which the New World Flows. Knowledge is Received only in those Moments in which Every Judgment, every Criticism Coming from Ourselves, is Silent. ” Rudolph Steiner

We have always the Choice to Decide to Consider only Material Life Experiences, or to Perceive the Teachings or the Insights of Consciousness a Real Past Life Memory or a Fruit of our Imagination or Conditioning. 

“Seek the Spirit, . . . but so that you may Apply it in the Genuinely Practical Life.” Rudolf Steiner

People with Different Belief Systems from all Walks of Life are Able to Recover so Called Past Life Memories Identifying Karma as an Insight for its Rebalancing.

Away for the Everyday Spontaneous Lived Happenings, Exist many Methods to Recall Voluntarily Past Lives Memories and they Included Guided Meditations in Alpha and/or Theta Waves (throughout the Technique Integrated in Evolutive Coaching Proposed by TheGoldTao) or Past Lives Therapy Conducted by Specialists (PsychoTherapists or Psychiatrists) throughout the Use of States Profound Hypnosis. As long as we Keep an Open Mind and the Will to Understand or Overcome a “Negative” Immediate Experience and more it is Possible to Experience many Benefits from the Re-Enhancement of a Past Life Experience and the Reframing of that Determined Experience under a New Point of View able to Facilitate our Life in the Present Moment and to Direct it toward the Accomplishment of our Goals.

We have Always the Choice to Learn from Life Situations Walking our Daily Life or put Lessons on Hold and Work on them Later into this Life or the Next One.

Post Dedicated with Infinite Thankfulness to Dr Brian Weiss for his Silent Caring Presence into my Life Within his Precious Teachings and Books such as Modern Applications of Science of Spirit.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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