How to Read More Books: Some Useful Tips

Do You Desire to Read more Books?

First of All, Make sure that you always have a Book to Hand wherever you Are. This would be already a Good Start.

Choose an Argument that is already part of your Interests, don’t Start Challenging you under too many Aspects.

I Mean, if you are Passionate about Art and you Enjoy Visit Museums choose to Read a Biography about your Favorite Artist “in Preparation” of the Next Exhibition.

If you want to Make Reading part of your Daily Routine, Schedule a regular Time each Morning or Evening to Dedicate to Reading. Start Fixing a Timer or a Determined Number of Pages to Read each Time. Creating a Routine each Day will soon make Reading become a Good Habit.

Start Reading to Short Books, the Feeling of Accomplishment when you’ll have Finished one will Help you to Start the Second One and so on!

Don’t be afraid to Give up on Book if you’re not Enjoying it, because of the Author’s Style or because of the Subject. Make Reading an Enjoyable and Relaxing Activity. Don’t Feel Obliged to Finish a Book just because you have Started It.

Listen to Audiobooks. Audiobooks are a good way to familiarize yourself with Storytelling because it allows you to Multitask: you can Listen to it anywhere at any Time: in the Car, at the Gym, Cleaning the House or out for a Walk.

“Reading is Essential for those Who Seek to Rise Above the Ordinary” Jim Rohn

And to Conclude, Keep a List of Books that you Want to Read.

This List Represents all the Knowledge that you Would Like to Gain in the Future. Make it Really Inspiring.

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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