How to Get more Energy for a Fresh Start according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 10 Practical Tips for Summer

Getting more Energy including Stress Relief and Healthy Eating Habits derive by our Relationship with Nature and its Original Rhythms.

In this Regard, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) practices the Philosophical and Spiritual Wisdom of the Tao and provides an abundance of Guidances on how to Self-Nurture and Harmonize our Biorhythms with the Nature during every Season of the Year. Living in Harmony with the Seasons is at the core of Traditional Chinese Wisdom. It was based on Living in Harmony with Nature and Be one with the Environment (Macrocosmo).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are Five Elements and each are related to each Seasons of the Year: Wood with Spring, Fire with Summer, Earth with Late Summer, Metal with Autumn and Water with Winter to witch they correspond certain Emotions and Organs.

On Some Level, Late Summer (End of August/ September) is the most Relevant Season of the TCM Five Elements Philosophy, in Fact the Element of Earth acts as a turning point for the Hot, Active, Yang Energy of the Spring and Summer into the Cooler, Yin Energy of the Fall and Winter. This period is often referred to in the West as the ‘Indian Summer’ and it spans the end of Summer and into Autumn. This is when Summer with its extreme Yang energy, intense brightness and Heat, Yields and Softens to the beginning of Autumn, when the cooler Yin energy start to creep in and it is also the perfect period of the Year when we could have the Best amount of Energy Available, Motivation and Mental Calm and Focus to Start, Develop and Nourish new Projects.

During the Late Summer It is advisable to become Mindfully Aware of how we Nurture ourselves and our Life Force. In Fact, The Goal of this Season is to return to your Central core to Regenerate and Continue to allow our Life Force (or Qi) to Flow, but in a more Seasonal Appropriate and Balanced way than Summer.

Start taking time to Care for ourselves during the Summer Season Synchronizing our Natural Forces to the Force and Rhythms of the Nature should be a Good Habit so that our Body and Mind need less Resources to keep themselves Healthy and Energized during the following Season.

On a Mental and Emotional level, the Earth Element is in charge of ‘digesting’ our Thoughts and Cultivating our Mindset, and thus governs our Learning, Thinking and Analysis and If we have done a “Work” of Rebalancing during the Summer (Administrating at best our Fire and Detoxing our Organism) It will be easer during the Late Summer To Find Will, Stability and Assertiveness in our Actions and Activities.


Ten Tips to make good on during Summer Season

  1. Eat mostly Fresh Seasonally available Foods as General Rule. However according with TMC, during Summer Time the Bitter Flavors should be preferably consumed to help to Strengthen the Heart, the Circulatory System and to Detox the Organism.
  2. Prefer Fruit and Fruit Juices of Apple, Lemon, Kiwi, Melons, Orange, Pear, Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit.
  3. Drink at least two Liters of Water everyday to Replenish Liquids and to facilitate the Expulsion if Toxins.
  4. Drink Green Tea as as Ideal Beverage also during Meals. It helps to disperses Summer Heat and can Expel Toxins, Cool the Heart Fire and Calm the Mind.
  5. Eat small Meals and Snacks every few hours than three Large Meals a day. This approach can reduce your perception of Fatigue because your Brain needs a steady supply of Nutrients and can Help to Menage the Sense of Warm of this Season.
  6. Take Supplements of Q10, Omega 3 and Vitamin B (all).
  7. Practice more Physical Moderate Outdoor Exercises into your daily Summer routine as Walking, Swimming and Yoga.
  8. Find Time to Rest (Read a Book, Sleep, Listen to Music in a fresh place, etc) after the main Meals, after Physical Exercises and during the Warmer hours of the Day.
  9. Practice Meditation. Spending time outside of our Mind Chitter and Worries can help us to become more nourished, both literally and figuratively and avoid to overload our Digestive System Helping it to Assimilate Better Vitamins and Supplements.
  10. Create a List or a Visual Map of your Desire/Dreams or new Project You would Like to Accomplish after the Summer. This is an Help to be Proactive and it is also a not Commitment form of Mediation.


Author: Cristina Capucci

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