How To Create a Real Sense of Freedom in Life. A Point of View

Freedom is a State of Being the same as Happiness. It is a Consequence of our Choices, our Inner Beliefs and the Identification of our Core Human Needs.

We must Know Ourselves before to Experiment what I define a Blissful Condition that often in our (Wester) Culture most of us take for Granted.

However, to Circumscribe a Meaning around the Term Freedom is the same as Limit the Sense of Freedom Itself and this Mindset could Limit Our and Others Freedom.

Everything Exists in the Present Moment. This is a very important Precept to Establish a Contest in our Spiritual/Personal Growth and Improvement of our Lives. The Contingence Determines an “Inner Call” to Evolve, to Find a Solution, to Free an Inner Resource, to Find Freedom from a Situation that Limit our Being and/or Wellness or Create us Frustration.  Without to Define a “Here and Now” Freedom is a Wonderful Idealism but it is not a Functional Resource. 

One of the most difficult Things is not to Change Society, but to Change Yourself. Nelson Mandela

So, How can we Transform  Freedom in a Tangible Asset in our Life?

Defining our Needs. 

Freedom is not a Fundamental Need because by itself it doesn’t have a Formal Structure, in fact as affirmed above it is an Ideologism that on its own is Inflexible and an Impractical Theory.

According to the Human Needs Psychology Applied by Mr Tony Robbins (American Top Life Coach and Business Strategist and my Mentor) all of us are Driven by the Need to Fulfill Six Core Human Needs:

These Needs are:

  1. Certainty/Comfort. It is about the Level of Certainty in our Life into a Contest. This helps us to minimize different stresses given by the “normal” Life uncertaintiesand to have a Stable Ground to Walk our Life and to Make Better Decisions.
  2. Uncertainty/Variety. We all need Surprises and Unpredictability in Life. If we Would Experience the same degree of Certainty every single day we would risk to fall down into Boredom/Tedion (that could be degenerate into Depression). 
  3. Significance. This is the need of feeling Unique, Important, Special or Needed
  4. Love and Connection. This is the Need to Experience a strong Feeling of Closeness or Union with Someone or Something (it could be a Social Cause)
  5. Growth. This Need is about to Learn, Experience, and Grow Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually in different ways throughout our Life
  6. Contribution. This an Inner Call to Serve. People who need to Contribute are Focused on Helping, Giving to and to Become a Support to Others

In my Opinion, only inside these main “Containers” and once We have Identified a Personal Values Pattern (Personal Inner Rules without which we don’t have any Structure as Individuals ) we can Define the Borders to Give to Freedom a Contest and a Concrete Functionality in our Lives. And this is Valid at different Stages of Evolution as Human Beings.

As Spiritual Researcher (Self-Taught Mystical Theologist) in deep Contact with my Invisible Spiritual Guides I have observed and Realized that (in Extreme) neither Death is a Total Liberation. As Souls We are Restricted to an Immense and Infinite Evolutive Path that by itself it could be Defined an “Eternal Captivity” but also an “Eternal Bliss” (it Depends by our Beliefs) but by itself containing the word Eternal includes a Sense of Freedom (as shared Positive Belief in the Collective Consciousness).

Author: Cristina Capucci 

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